misshaped boys

Sean, 22 - the Misshapes at Don Hills
Sean studies fashion design and therefore had a proper opinion on what fashion should be - "a fantasy you project about yourself". he mentions Walt Disney as a creator who takes his daydreams and turns them into a reality. fashion should be honest and not superficial. you should take fashion as a tool to create your own caracter, the person you wish to be on the outside as a reflection of who you are on the inside.
Sean's style icons are Bjork and Gwen Stefani. he wears all vintage.

Hunter, 20 - the Misshapes
"a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life." Hunter quotes Oscar Wilde. the filmmaker likes his style to be "outrageous and elegant" and with a sense of humor. he achieves it here with his Dior jacket, a shirt and pants by Trip and Goerge Cox shoes. his ring is by Surface to Air.


Village people

Luke, 15 - East Village
"he was a skaterboy, i said see you later, boy..." had i been 12 years younger, i may well have had a big crush on Luke who, behind those glasses, looks like a (very) young Brad Pitt. he smiled the whole time until he decided he had to go skate with his buddies. he likes to dress a "a little out of it", not quite organized and just goes with what works after he tries it on. so cute.

Shakti, 24 - East Village
Shakti is the director of communication for Spread magazine and was just strolling down Avenue A with her dog Pug and her friend Sarah when i met her. she's wearing a reversable dress she once got off a young designer on the street, a t-shirt by Urban Outfitters and a pearl necklace by Pearl Daddy. She likes clothes to be big and bright, geometric and with a lot of details through jewellery and accessoires. clothes to her have to be comfortable yet eye-catching and expressive.

Sarah, 23 - East Village
Sarah wears a vintage Girbaud dress and shoes by Michael Kors. Clothing to her needs to be architectural and deconstructive and represent her as someone who's eclectic and creative.


"fashion is your own artist"

Jaques, 41 - East Village
if i had to write a book about the people i interview i'd write the first chapter filled with jaques' quotes. this modern day harlequin likes to cut off his pants and shirts to his own fitting. "i'm working on finding those big scissors to tailor the world to my liking because i don't like to be cookie-jarred". Jaques works as a hand model.

Jeremie, ageless - East Village supermarket. meat section.
i just wanted to buy a bottle of water and look what i find. Jeremie may well have the most outrageous hairdo since cousin Itt from the Adams Family. with it she has a whole vibe of the past about her with her 70s hippie sunglasses and that spanish bolero she made in highschool. i go and buy vintage, this woman wears her own! she likes clothes to be timeless, pieces that worked 20 years ago and will work for 20 more. Jeremie likes to wear a lot of layers in order to be able to adapt in different situation. Clothes shouldn't hinder her in anyway, be it to go out, meet people, get a job. layers she says, enable her to do a male and a female thing with make access to both easier.

Ebony, 31 - Soho
Ebony aka Wildcat is a dj and singer and wears an awesome shirt and skirt from Express in the 80s and her shoes are custommade by puma. with her style she ikes to go for something arty and creative, combing as many colours and patterns as possible while still maintaining a line. Ebony went to private school for a long part of her life, she says her passion for clothes and colours comes from wearing a uniform for so long.

Maiko, 26 - Soho
you can't tell on first imoression but Maiko design lingerie for a living. she gets her inspiration off of people on the street and ha little interest in social norms. fashion is all about having fun and expressing a feeling, she says. her sweater is vintage, jeans are by Uniqlo, shoes are Nike and glasses are by Mikli.

Jesse, 33 - Soho
this handsome male is another designer and he likes to mix classic elemants of men's wear with a casual and personal note. doing that, he says, he respects the tradition but with his own interpretation of it. "it's the clothes who should take on the personality of their wearer not the other way around. clothes should be designed in a way that you make them your own by truely living in them." i think that's a beautiful and very true statement.
Jesse's shirt is by Steven Alan, the pants are Polo, sweater i RpM and the hat from Kangol.

Liz, 17 - Soho
i love anyone who wears sparling stuff in bright daylight. Liz is a student and was just on her way to someplace fun with her friend in this golden Alice&Olivia dress and the Diesel boots. Her style icon is Kate Moss (duh) and her friend says she always looks like she's on her way to a party. way to go, darling.

Michael, 35 - Soho
Michael was obviously in much of a rush and kept trying to get into a building where he dropped off a drum (that's what in that black container, not a hat like i first thought). the interview was more like a shouting forth and back as he was already in the elevator with one foot. what i got out of him is that he is an artist and wears pants by Izzey Miyake and a shirt by Agnes B. the famous last words before the elevator door closd were " no rules - fashion is your own artist". j'adore.

Q, ageless - Soho
when i saw Q from the other side of hi beer i guess it was the eclectic mix of pink and red and jewellery that made me interrupt his little drinking session and get his picture in the box. he sells chairs for a living and wears Ben Sherman pants, a Dulce de Leche shirt and Donald J Pilner shoes. when asked about his style he answered "retro funky hot shit" like her gets asked that question every day. he's most inspired by Bob Marley and people from the 70s as well as Africa as he originates from the Asante tribe in Ghana. cool dude.

Mikki, 23 - Chinatown, in front of Happy Ending
Mikki had so many acrobatic tricks up her sleeve that i can't help but give you two photos of her. she's truely an artist soul and therefore couldn't exactly be bothered giving serious answers to my fashion questions. she and Farts were just handing out flyers for a great show coming up between august 4th and august 26th witht he opening reception on aug. 4th 7 - 10pm with works by Raul de Nieves with and about them, the Blancas Negras

Farts, 23 - in front of Happy Ending
Farts' outfit was entirely taking from Mikki's closet that day and he's wearing a necklace saying Welcome by Ryan Treccartin. both Farts and Mikki were very sorry for not having more answers for me, but they're excused, apparently they ate too many cupcakes that day. next time they'll give me answers that rhyme. i'd like that.


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"it costs a lot to look this cheap"

Gabriella, 22 - Happy Ending
Gabi was just sitting on the edge of the sofa zipping cocktails and looking beautiful. she wears a hat from somewhere in Stockholm, shoes by Chanel, Dior tights, a Moschino belt from the 80s and shorts by Topshop. She works as a fashion design assistant.

Christina & Feng Feng - Happy Ending
my number 1 fashion icons in new york! every tuesday i'm wondering what they're going to wear and they never cease to amaze. this week's primary inspiration was Jonny Makeup who had his video launch party that night. they tried to go for a "technological Indian" representing all of diversity and a free spirit.

Bear - Happy Ending
you've seen him before, you've loved him then, you love him now. all fabulous Bear wears here is vintage. His fashion philosophy of the day: "it costs a lot to look this cheap".

Jessica, 24 - Happy Ending
Jessica's last name is Flores and how could it not be looking at this pretty girl with the flower dress. the lady is an aspiring filmmaker and wears a dress from Beacon's Closet and shoes by Steve Madden. Jess advises not to be afraid to wear what makes you happy, especially in NY, darkest dressed city ever.

Serichai - Happy Ending
I love Seri's elegant look that he's alterated himself. he took the pants and made them short, cut off the arms off his tail coat and took the frills off the collar of his shirt. check below for anothe product of Seri's gifted hands.

Ashley, 23 - Happy Ending
it was Ashley's birthday and the dress she's wearing was a present handmade by her roommate Serichai. She likes to dress classy, in a 20s vintage fashion yet modern and sexy. Ashley works as a hairdresser.

Thomas, 29 - Happy Ending
when i first met Thomas a few weeks back he didnt want to get his picture taken. i was all the more surprised to see him on another street fashion blog. Thom claimed he wasn't drunk enough when i had asked him and he promised to beg me to take his photo next time i'd see him. now he didn't beg but i still got a shot of him and his pretty smile. his shirt is by Comme des Garcons, the hat by Victor Osborne and the glasses are from Fabulous Fannies. Thomas works as a haidresser and suggested a short bob for me, an idea i'm kinda lovin. if i end up getting a new hairstyle the do will be due to this dude.



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sisters are doing it for themselves

Loret, 24 - Sway
"normally i dont dress like that" she admits, as a matter of fact her friend even claims she normally looks "bookish" and understated. i translate sexy librarian and have no doubt that she looks fabulous at all times. this awesome skirt was made for her by her sister Maria (see below) for her birthday.

Maria, 22 - Sway
you've guessed it - Maria is a fashion designer, aspiring really (she has a business card but no business to advertize). she's wearing a vintage dress she altered from very long to very short. "I ove taking $2 dresses and make them look like $3 dresses"
Maris gets inspired by friends and their styles and makes a lot of clothes for her friends and family (like her sister Loret's skirt).

Vanessa, 24 - Sway
i love this silky vintage gown, probably from the 70s. She got it at Wasteland in LA (the Wasteland location in San Francisco is among my favorite stores of all time) and is combing it with a black body suit from American Apparel as well as a pair of shorts by Forever 21. Vanessa made the shoecovers she's wearing, they're from her label "Posso the Spat". th designer gets inspiration from superheroes and anything futuristic "I want the most fresh, always."


"when you belong to a scene fashion becomes a church"

Sam, 25 - Soho
Sam here likes to think of her style as part of the urban djungle. chic and cosmopolitan with a twist. or something like that. i hear that a lot, that people want to "fit in" with their clothes but have this spark of individuality. Sam's dress belongs to a friend, the shoes are from Barcelona and the necklace she got at a fleamarket.

Sarah, 17 - somewhere on Broadway
for Sarah fashion is an important means of self expression and she gets inspired by music, fashion magazines and Eastern Europe. her boots are Ralph Lauren Riding boots, glasses are Ray Ban and the rest is vintage or random.

Maddox, 26 - somewhere on Broadway
i dont know why I stopped this girl because of course she wasn't wearing anything outrageous nor unusual, maybe it was the combination of colours to go with her type that i liked, so here she is. she's wearing an American Apparel dress with an old T-shirt from her Boss. her style is very casual and simple, basic with a certain chic. the casting director's philosophy for this year is "yes" - the "year of yes" as she calls it entails a positive attitude towards everything and anything that may come her way, dare to do/wear/be anything.

Tommie, 21 - East Village
this musician and model from Sweden is wearing Converse shoes, his friend's top and jeans from a brand i can't spell ( nor find online). he's into 90's retro and declares Leila K. his fashion Icon.

Tanya, 26 - East Village
Tanya is Tommie's friend and also from Sweden. Her t-shirt is actually his (Tommie's) and the tights are from American Apparel, a store the two Swedes are quite exited about since there still is no location of it over in their homeland.
Tanya is also a musician.

Labanna, 21 - Union Square subway
yesterday i went to see Hairspray
(hilarious!) and as i was standing in line i noticed Labanna and her intersting outfit. right then was bad timing because i was not about to give up my spot in the line so i was all the happier when i saw her after the movie down in that subway station. this student of performance art is wearing a Marc Jacobs dress, Penny Kinney jazz shoes and a bunch of randomly found necklaces. She likes her style to be ironic, unopen to drawers and questionable. Labanna says fashion is contemporary art, "it's the best thing we have going for us".

Melanie, 27 - Union Pool in Williamsburg
Melanie and i had a good long chat about clothes and she shared some very interesting views on fashion. "when you belong to a scene fashion is a church. it becomes a religion with rules not only about what you wear but the music you listen to, the places you go, the people you hang out with. If you go with it, you abandon yourself". it's true that a lot of people i interview for this blog don't seem to know why they wear what they wear other than "because it makes me look hot". personally i think fashion should be another way to express yourself, like a language or art. it's always intentional and it's always got a message, whether you realise it or not.
Melanie likes clothes to be timeless, something that always has been and always will be fashionable. when she dresses it's like she's wearing a costume and she gets to be that caracter for the day. "I'm a a performer", she says "always in full costume". one last word on the retail industry: "I hate retail. it's overpriced and you go through 50 of the same shirts trying to find what colour is 'you'".
the painter is wearing a beautiful $2 dress off Bedford in Williamsburg and shoes from Beacon's Closet.


"I just want to get fucked"

Leila, 26 - East Village
"Recovering Goth" is how Leila describes her style. one day she woke up and decided that it was time to look more like a lady and obviously she's doing a good job at it. the dress is from and the shoes are Capezio dance shoes. Leila is a hairstylist and suggested a "carrie from sex and the city bob" for me (i'm reay really needing a new haircut - further suggestions on what my hair should look like are welcome)

Casey, 20 - East Village
Casey studies fashion design and works as a cocktail waitress. she likes her clothes to be feminin yet with a rocker mentality. she wears a lot of black since it's "safe" to wear in NYC. her skirt is by Forever 21, the shirt is a random cheap find.

Feng-Feng & Christina - Happy Ending
a new tuesday, a new Six Six Sick party, a new outfit especially created by these two gentleman killers. the inspiration was 40's glamour, glam that's rugged and wears you down. fight for your right to be fabulous.

Alison, 22 - Happy Ending
alison had only one real thing to say when i asked her what her fashion had to say about herself. "i just want to get fucked" was the answer. and when you think about it - there's nothing wrong with that. dress by Nanette Lepore.

Cameron, 27 - Happy Ending
this is already Cameron's second appearance on glamcanyon because a fabulous outfit will get you on again and again and again. Evereything he wears is vintage by Narnia

Colton, 22 - Happy Ending
when you want to smoke in nyc you need to go outside and there you'll hang with all the other smokers. often this is a good opportunity to chat up some interesting looking folks, kind of like Colton who's wearing a vintage Dior shirt, vintage Prada boots and a necklace by his grandpa. style for him is the willingness to be weird and the ability to make trashy look classy.

Becca, 22 - Bedford stop in Williamsburg
i love this dress and could hardly believe it's "only" H&M. Becca works in photography and just when her train arrived she just gave me 3 words i could quote her on: "10 minute avant garde"

Elisabeth, 19 - The Charlston in Williamsburg
this lovely young maiden is from Ireland and just spends her summer vacation here in new york. she's inspired by people's styles and picks out certain elements she may later apply to her own look. "i'm a sponge", she says. her dress, hat and bag are all vintage.

Adam & Eve - The Charlston
these guys came to the Charleston to drown their sorrow for being banned from paradise in Jack & Coke. yet no offer on alcohol or promiscuous sex could revive their spirits so they just hang around for hours looking miserable. both have been arrested that same night for stealing an apple. i hear their facing 12 to 16 months in prison. we won't see them for a while.


young americans

Emma, 21 - Soho
it took some convincing to take her picture since she thought she looked hungover and beat. well not such young lady, you've fooled us all. Emma works for W Magazine and wears all vintage here. she doesn't like to spend a lot to maintain an original look.

Neveed, 27 - East Village
i met Neveed through a friend when i came back to NY this june. i've been meaning to take a picture of his style for a while when i ran into him on the street that day.
his scarf is by Iheart, shirt by Rogan, jeans are Marc Jacobs and shoes are by Surface to Air, an all in all very newyorkoftoday style. Neveed's style is all about looking young and skinny he says.

Kate, 26 - Soho
toot toot! i love people like Kate. they make you a little happier just looking at them. this hot pink Hot Rod bike was a birthday present from a friend and Kate fashionably combines it with a colorful Marc Jacobs dress and some good ol' Havaianas. fun, flirty, easygoing and confident is the style of this fashion stylist. girlyism for life!

Cinderella - Misshapes at Don Hill's in Soho
her name is not really cinderella but she certainly did run off before i could find out anything about her.

Sophia, ageless - Misshapes
"Sophia Lamar is off the charts" my friend said when introducing me to her but Sophia waves it off and seems really down to earth considering the appreciation she gets from everyone. that night Sophia wore a Hemlut Lang skirt and a scarf by TSE. Her style is a mix of an effortless elegance intellectual bohemian and a good dose of rock 'n roll.

Anthony, 19 - Misshapes
"grunge and death metal" this fashion design student says briefly when asked about his style. Anthony describes himself as a bit dark and moody, part of what he calls teen angst. in the picture he wears Ksubi jeans, an Alexander McQueen jacket and an American Apparel shirt.

Sam, 20 - Misshapes
Buster Keaton is this young man's major inspiration when it comes to looking good. Sam's an artist/drummer/stylist and likes to create a "conflicting american sports wear look through european clothing. his pants and shoes are by YSL, socks are Paul Smith and the jacket is vintage.

Feng-Feng! - Misshapes
Feng-Feng is already a well familiar face on glamcanyon and she never ceases to amaze. if you simply can't find the right accessoire just paint it on! pink stripes + moustache made maison. très chic, mademoiselle.

Syd & Nancy - Misshapes
after throwing beer bottles at the police and making out with every bartender at the club Syd and Nancy came downstairs with me for a little photoshoot which ended in a big orgy including some important politicians, a drunken dog and Michael Jackson. Understand that photos documenting this scenery are rated R and cannot be openly displayed (without charging a huge sum of money for it).

Debbie, 31 - Misshapes
Debbie is the sweetest thing and a speech pathologist. she says that no matter how old you are you should always let your clothes represent your feeling. don't give in to social pressure that's trying to dictate what (not) to wear at a certain age. Debbie likes light and flowing materials that don't restrict her in any way. her dress is vintage.

Heidi - some bar in Williamsburg
to be honest, i could care less what Heidi is wearing. as a matter of fact she could wear the Dior collection of spring 2015 and i wouldn't care because Heidi Sidelinker has the most amazing voice ever. i was literally speechless when i heard her sing in the dark patio of that bar last night without a microphone or amps. just her and her guitar. so i take this opportunity to promote two of her shows that are coming up. on Friday july 20th she and her band Lowry play a show at the Mercury Lounge at 11pm. the friday after you get to catch her solo at Bar 4 (14th st.&7th Ave in park slope) at 9.30.
definately go.