young americans

Emma, 21 - Soho
it took some convincing to take her picture since she thought she looked hungover and beat. well not such young lady, you've fooled us all. Emma works for W Magazine and wears all vintage here. she doesn't like to spend a lot to maintain an original look.

Neveed, 27 - East Village
i met Neveed through a friend when i came back to NY this june. i've been meaning to take a picture of his style for a while when i ran into him on the street that day.
his scarf is by Iheart, shirt by Rogan, jeans are Marc Jacobs and shoes are by Surface to Air, an all in all very newyorkoftoday style. Neveed's style is all about looking young and skinny he says.

Kate, 26 - Soho
toot toot! i love people like Kate. they make you a little happier just looking at them. this hot pink Hot Rod bike was a birthday present from a friend and Kate fashionably combines it with a colorful Marc Jacobs dress and some good ol' Havaianas. fun, flirty, easygoing and confident is the style of this fashion stylist. girlyism for life!

Cinderella - Misshapes at Don Hill's in Soho
her name is not really cinderella but she certainly did run off before i could find out anything about her.

Sophia, ageless - Misshapes
"Sophia Lamar is off the charts" my friend said when introducing me to her but Sophia waves it off and seems really down to earth considering the appreciation she gets from everyone. that night Sophia wore a Hemlut Lang skirt and a scarf by TSE. Her style is a mix of an effortless elegance intellectual bohemian and a good dose of rock 'n roll.

Anthony, 19 - Misshapes
"grunge and death metal" this fashion design student says briefly when asked about his style. Anthony describes himself as a bit dark and moody, part of what he calls teen angst. in the picture he wears Ksubi jeans, an Alexander McQueen jacket and an American Apparel shirt.

Sam, 20 - Misshapes
Buster Keaton is this young man's major inspiration when it comes to looking good. Sam's an artist/drummer/stylist and likes to create a "conflicting american sports wear look through european clothing. his pants and shoes are by YSL, socks are Paul Smith and the jacket is vintage.

Feng-Feng! - Misshapes
Feng-Feng is already a well familiar face on glamcanyon and she never ceases to amaze. if you simply can't find the right accessoire just paint it on! pink stripes + moustache made maison. très chic, mademoiselle.

Syd & Nancy - Misshapes
after throwing beer bottles at the police and making out with every bartender at the club Syd and Nancy came downstairs with me for a little photoshoot which ended in a big orgy including some important politicians, a drunken dog and Michael Jackson. Understand that photos documenting this scenery are rated R and cannot be openly displayed (without charging a huge sum of money for it).

Debbie, 31 - Misshapes
Debbie is the sweetest thing and a speech pathologist. she says that no matter how old you are you should always let your clothes represent your feeling. don't give in to social pressure that's trying to dictate what (not) to wear at a certain age. Debbie likes light and flowing materials that don't restrict her in any way. her dress is vintage.

Heidi - some bar in Williamsburg
to be honest, i could care less what Heidi is wearing. as a matter of fact she could wear the Dior collection of spring 2015 and i wouldn't care because Heidi Sidelinker has the most amazing voice ever. i was literally speechless when i heard her sing in the dark patio of that bar last night without a microphone or amps. just her and her guitar. so i take this opportunity to promote two of her shows that are coming up. on Friday july 20th she and her band Lowry play a show at the Mercury Lounge at 11pm. the friday after you get to catch her solo at Bar 4 (14th st.&7th Ave in park slope) at 9.30.
definately go.


  1. CopenhagenStreetStyle17 July 2007 at 20:27

    Wow we're really up against some serious competition in Streetclash!! Your pics are amazing! Makes us want to go back to NY!! See you in the games :-)