Village people

Luke, 15 - East Village
"he was a skaterboy, i said see you later, boy..." had i been 12 years younger, i may well have had a big crush on Luke who, behind those glasses, looks like a (very) young Brad Pitt. he smiled the whole time until he decided he had to go skate with his buddies. he likes to dress a "a little out of it", not quite organized and just goes with what works after he tries it on. so cute.

Shakti, 24 - East Village
Shakti is the director of communication for Spread magazine and was just strolling down Avenue A with her dog Pug and her friend Sarah when i met her. she's wearing a reversable dress she once got off a young designer on the street, a t-shirt by Urban Outfitters and a pearl necklace by Pearl Daddy. She likes clothes to be big and bright, geometric and with a lot of details through jewellery and accessoires. clothes to her have to be comfortable yet eye-catching and expressive.

Sarah, 23 - East Village
Sarah wears a vintage Girbaud dress and shoes by Michael Kors. Clothing to her needs to be architectural and deconstructive and represent her as someone who's eclectic and creative.


  1. That "skaterboy"-look is actually quite cool, because it seems so random and "im just me"-like in a very uncomplicated way. Here, in Denmark, skater fashion is all about surfer- and hiphop brands, "bling bling" and stuff like that.

  2. luke is adorable. i just wanna put him in my shirt pocket and take him everywhere i go. (and occasionally pinch his cheeks.)

  3. How cute is he?!
    I just wanna squeeze him.