"when you belong to a scene fashion becomes a church"

Sam, 25 - Soho
Sam here likes to think of her style as part of the urban djungle. chic and cosmopolitan with a twist. or something like that. i hear that a lot, that people want to "fit in" with their clothes but have this spark of individuality. Sam's dress belongs to a friend, the shoes are from Barcelona and the necklace she got at a fleamarket.

Sarah, 17 - somewhere on Broadway
for Sarah fashion is an important means of self expression and she gets inspired by music, fashion magazines and Eastern Europe. her boots are Ralph Lauren Riding boots, glasses are Ray Ban and the rest is vintage or random.

Maddox, 26 - somewhere on Broadway
i dont know why I stopped this girl because of course she wasn't wearing anything outrageous nor unusual, maybe it was the combination of colours to go with her type that i liked, so here she is. she's wearing an American Apparel dress with an old T-shirt from her Boss. her style is very casual and simple, basic with a certain chic. the casting director's philosophy for this year is "yes" - the "year of yes" as she calls it entails a positive attitude towards everything and anything that may come her way, dare to do/wear/be anything.

Tommie, 21 - East Village
this musician and model from Sweden is wearing Converse shoes, his friend's top and jeans from a brand i can't spell ( nor find online). he's into 90's retro and declares Leila K. his fashion Icon.

Tanya, 26 - East Village
Tanya is Tommie's friend and also from Sweden. Her t-shirt is actually his (Tommie's) and the tights are from American Apparel, a store the two Swedes are quite exited about since there still is no location of it over in their homeland.
Tanya is also a musician.

Labanna, 21 - Union Square subway
yesterday i went to see Hairspray
(hilarious!) and as i was standing in line i noticed Labanna and her intersting outfit. right then was bad timing because i was not about to give up my spot in the line so i was all the happier when i saw her after the movie down in that subway station. this student of performance art is wearing a Marc Jacobs dress, Penny Kinney jazz shoes and a bunch of randomly found necklaces. She likes her style to be ironic, unopen to drawers and questionable. Labanna says fashion is contemporary art, "it's the best thing we have going for us".

Melanie, 27 - Union Pool in Williamsburg
Melanie and i had a good long chat about clothes and she shared some very interesting views on fashion. "when you belong to a scene fashion is a church. it becomes a religion with rules not only about what you wear but the music you listen to, the places you go, the people you hang out with. If you go with it, you abandon yourself". it's true that a lot of people i interview for this blog don't seem to know why they wear what they wear other than "because it makes me look hot". personally i think fashion should be another way to express yourself, like a language or art. it's always intentional and it's always got a message, whether you realise it or not.
Melanie likes clothes to be timeless, something that always has been and always will be fashionable. when she dresses it's like she's wearing a costume and she gets to be that caracter for the day. "I'm a a performer", she says "always in full costume". one last word on the retail industry: "I hate retail. it's overpriced and you go through 50 of the same shirts trying to find what colour is 'you'".
the painter is wearing a beautiful $2 dress off Bedford in Williamsburg and shoes from Beacon's Closet.


  1. Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.

  2. I think that "Tommie, 21 - East Village" is wearing jeans from Cheap Monday, a really big jeans brand in Sweden. They´re the best jeans ever, I just love them!