"fashion is your own artist"

Jaques, 41 - East Village
if i had to write a book about the people i interview i'd write the first chapter filled with jaques' quotes. this modern day harlequin likes to cut off his pants and shirts to his own fitting. "i'm working on finding those big scissors to tailor the world to my liking because i don't like to be cookie-jarred". Jaques works as a hand model.

Jeremie, ageless - East Village supermarket. meat section.
i just wanted to buy a bottle of water and look what i find. Jeremie may well have the most outrageous hairdo since cousin Itt from the Adams Family. with it she has a whole vibe of the past about her with her 70s hippie sunglasses and that spanish bolero she made in highschool. i go and buy vintage, this woman wears her own! she likes clothes to be timeless, pieces that worked 20 years ago and will work for 20 more. Jeremie likes to wear a lot of layers in order to be able to adapt in different situation. Clothes shouldn't hinder her in anyway, be it to go out, meet people, get a job. layers she says, enable her to do a male and a female thing with make access to both easier.

Ebony, 31 - Soho
Ebony aka Wildcat is a dj and singer and wears an awesome shirt and skirt from Express in the 80s and her shoes are custommade by puma. with her style she ikes to go for something arty and creative, combing as many colours and patterns as possible while still maintaining a line. Ebony went to private school for a long part of her life, she says her passion for clothes and colours comes from wearing a uniform for so long.

Maiko, 26 - Soho
you can't tell on first imoression but Maiko design lingerie for a living. she gets her inspiration off of people on the street and ha little interest in social norms. fashion is all about having fun and expressing a feeling, she says. her sweater is vintage, jeans are by Uniqlo, shoes are Nike and glasses are by Mikli.

Jesse, 33 - Soho
this handsome male is another designer and he likes to mix classic elemants of men's wear with a casual and personal note. doing that, he says, he respects the tradition but with his own interpretation of it. "it's the clothes who should take on the personality of their wearer not the other way around. clothes should be designed in a way that you make them your own by truely living in them." i think that's a beautiful and very true statement.
Jesse's shirt is by Steven Alan, the pants are Polo, sweater i RpM and the hat from Kangol.

Liz, 17 - Soho
i love anyone who wears sparling stuff in bright daylight. Liz is a student and was just on her way to someplace fun with her friend in this golden Alice&Olivia dress and the Diesel boots. Her style icon is Kate Moss (duh) and her friend says she always looks like she's on her way to a party. way to go, darling.

Michael, 35 - Soho
Michael was obviously in much of a rush and kept trying to get into a building where he dropped off a drum (that's what in that black container, not a hat like i first thought). the interview was more like a shouting forth and back as he was already in the elevator with one foot. what i got out of him is that he is an artist and wears pants by Izzey Miyake and a shirt by Agnes B. the famous last words before the elevator door closd were " no rules - fashion is your own artist". j'adore.

Q, ageless - Soho
when i saw Q from the other side of hi beer i guess it was the eclectic mix of pink and red and jewellery that made me interrupt his little drinking session and get his picture in the box. he sells chairs for a living and wears Ben Sherman pants, a Dulce de Leche shirt and Donald J Pilner shoes. when asked about his style he answered "retro funky hot shit" like her gets asked that question every day. he's most inspired by Bob Marley and people from the 70s as well as Africa as he originates from the Asante tribe in Ghana. cool dude.

Mikki, 23 - Chinatown, in front of Happy Ending
Mikki had so many acrobatic tricks up her sleeve that i can't help but give you two photos of her. she's truely an artist soul and therefore couldn't exactly be bothered giving serious answers to my fashion questions. she and Farts were just handing out flyers for a great show coming up between august 4th and august 26th witht he opening reception on aug. 4th 7 - 10pm with works by Raul de Nieves with and about them, the Blancas Negras

Farts, 23 - in front of Happy Ending
Farts' outfit was entirely taking from Mikki's closet that day and he's wearing a necklace saying Welcome by Ryan Treccartin. both Farts and Mikki were very sorry for not having more answers for me, but they're excused, apparently they ate too many cupcakes that day. next time they'll give me answers that rhyme. i'd like that.


  1. Really liking Jesse’s classic & casual style.
    Michael, liking his trousers, and even though it’s a drum it would make one fancy hat box
    And Q, well he is just one cool cat.

  2. Kudos for your pics and comments - I really like Q's style too, but then again, with a name like Q, who wouldn't?
    Reminiscent of sartorialist postings, there's a great range of characters. One girl even reminds me of gossip girl...