"it costs a lot to look this cheap"

Gabriella, 22 - Happy Ending
Gabi was just sitting on the edge of the sofa zipping cocktails and looking beautiful. she wears a hat from somewhere in Stockholm, shoes by Chanel, Dior tights, a Moschino belt from the 80s and shorts by Topshop. She works as a fashion design assistant.

Christina & Feng Feng - Happy Ending
my number 1 fashion icons in new york! every tuesday i'm wondering what they're going to wear and they never cease to amaze. this week's primary inspiration was Jonny Makeup who had his video launch party that night. they tried to go for a "technological Indian" representing all of diversity and a free spirit.

Bear - Happy Ending
you've seen him before, you've loved him then, you love him now. all fabulous Bear wears here is vintage. His fashion philosophy of the day: "it costs a lot to look this cheap".

Jessica, 24 - Happy Ending
Jessica's last name is Flores and how could it not be looking at this pretty girl with the flower dress. the lady is an aspiring filmmaker and wears a dress from Beacon's Closet and shoes by Steve Madden. Jess advises not to be afraid to wear what makes you happy, especially in NY, darkest dressed city ever.

Serichai - Happy Ending
I love Seri's elegant look that he's alterated himself. he took the pants and made them short, cut off the arms off his tail coat and took the frills off the collar of his shirt. check below for anothe product of Seri's gifted hands.

Ashley, 23 - Happy Ending
it was Ashley's birthday and the dress she's wearing was a present handmade by her roommate Serichai. She likes to dress classy, in a 20s vintage fashion yet modern and sexy. Ashley works as a hairdresser.

Thomas, 29 - Happy Ending
when i first met Thomas a few weeks back he didnt want to get his picture taken. i was all the more surprised to see him on another street fashion blog. Thom claimed he wasn't drunk enough when i had asked him and he promised to beg me to take his photo next time i'd see him. now he didn't beg but i still got a shot of him and his pretty smile. his shirt is by Comme des Garcons, the hat by Victor Osborne and the glasses are from Fabulous Fannies. Thomas works as a haidresser and suggested a short bob for me, an idea i'm kinda lovin. if i end up getting a new hairstyle the do will be due to this dude.

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  1. Really liking the 1st girl’s red hat & Chanel shoes.
    Ms. Flores looks amazing. Esp. love her hair.
    And Mr. Serichai cool elegance.
    And cool t-shirt on the last guy.