"I just want to get fucked"

Leila, 26 - East Village
"Recovering Goth" is how Leila describes her style. one day she woke up and decided that it was time to look more like a lady and obviously she's doing a good job at it. the dress is from and the shoes are Capezio dance shoes. Leila is a hairstylist and suggested a "carrie from sex and the city bob" for me (i'm reay really needing a new haircut - further suggestions on what my hair should look like are welcome)

Casey, 20 - East Village
Casey studies fashion design and works as a cocktail waitress. she likes her clothes to be feminin yet with a rocker mentality. she wears a lot of black since it's "safe" to wear in NYC. her skirt is by Forever 21, the shirt is a random cheap find.

Feng-Feng & Christina - Happy Ending
a new tuesday, a new Six Six Sick party, a new outfit especially created by these two gentleman killers. the inspiration was 40's glamour, glam that's rugged and wears you down. fight for your right to be fabulous.

Alison, 22 - Happy Ending
alison had only one real thing to say when i asked her what her fashion had to say about herself. "i just want to get fucked" was the answer. and when you think about it - there's nothing wrong with that. dress by Nanette Lepore.

Cameron, 27 - Happy Ending
this is already Cameron's second appearance on glamcanyon because a fabulous outfit will get you on again and again and again. Evereything he wears is vintage by Narnia

Colton, 22 - Happy Ending
when you want to smoke in nyc you need to go outside and there you'll hang with all the other smokers. often this is a good opportunity to chat up some interesting looking folks, kind of like Colton who's wearing a vintage Dior shirt, vintage Prada boots and a necklace by his grandpa. style for him is the willingness to be weird and the ability to make trashy look classy.

Becca, 22 - Bedford stop in Williamsburg
i love this dress and could hardly believe it's "only" H&M. Becca works in photography and just when her train arrived she just gave me 3 words i could quote her on: "10 minute avant garde"

Elisabeth, 19 - The Charlston in Williamsburg
this lovely young maiden is from Ireland and just spends her summer vacation here in new york. she's inspired by people's styles and picks out certain elements she may later apply to her own look. "i'm a sponge", she says. her dress, hat and bag are all vintage.

Adam & Eve - The Charlston
these guys came to the Charleston to drown their sorrow for being banned from paradise in Jack & Coke. yet no offer on alcohol or promiscuous sex could revive their spirits so they just hang around for hours looking miserable. both have been arrested that same night for stealing an apple. i hear their facing 12 to 16 months in prison. we won't see them for a while.


  1. katja yr killin me with these pictures. i want no.2's shoes!

  2. I love the way you take pictures
    great blog


  3. It's all about the yellow dress.
    But the vintage dior shirt is pretty nice too.