misshaped boys

Sean, 22 - the Misshapes at Don Hills
Sean studies fashion design and therefore had a proper opinion on what fashion should be - "a fantasy you project about yourself". he mentions Walt Disney as a creator who takes his daydreams and turns them into a reality. fashion should be honest and not superficial. you should take fashion as a tool to create your own caracter, the person you wish to be on the outside as a reflection of who you are on the inside.
Sean's style icons are Bjork and Gwen Stefani. he wears all vintage.

Hunter, 20 - the Misshapes
"a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life." Hunter quotes Oscar Wilde. the filmmaker likes his style to be "outrageous and elegant" and with a sense of humor. he achieves it here with his Dior jacket, a shirt and pants by Trip and Goerge Cox shoes. his ring is by Surface to Air.

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