sisters are doing it for themselves

Loret, 24 - Sway
"normally i dont dress like that" she admits, as a matter of fact her friend even claims she normally looks "bookish" and understated. i translate sexy librarian and have no doubt that she looks fabulous at all times. this awesome skirt was made for her by her sister Maria (see below) for her birthday.

Maria, 22 - Sway
you've guessed it - Maria is a fashion designer, aspiring really (she has a business card but no business to advertize). she's wearing a vintage dress she altered from very long to very short. "I ove taking $2 dresses and make them look like $3 dresses"
Maris gets inspired by friends and their styles and makes a lot of clothes for her friends and family (like her sister Loret's skirt).

Vanessa, 24 - Sway
i love this silky vintage gown, probably from the 70s. She got it at Wasteland in LA (the Wasteland location in San Francisco is among my favorite stores of all time) and is combing it with a black body suit from American Apparel as well as a pair of shorts by Forever 21. Vanessa made the shoecovers she's wearing, they're from her label "Posso the Spat". th designer gets inspiration from superheroes and anything futuristic "I want the most fresh, always."