NYC vs CPH - 4th day, new york has to win or we're out :(

ok darlings
we lost again yesterday so we absolutely have to win today otherwise we're out of the race (copenhagen really is a very hard nut to crack :)

we're some twenty votes behind so i hope y'all will go on STREET CLASH and vote for NYC.
just click here
and here
or here


  1. You're killing us too :-) The battle between us has to go down in history as the closest tie ever! We LOVE your pics! The one you have up today is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!!
    /Jenny and Sören at CopenhagenStreetStyle

  2. Sorry you guys got eliminated... I really adored some of your outfits!

  3. thanks. i'll be fine. losing feels a little bit like einstein repeating 2nd grade. i'm a martyr. i shall rise from the ashes like phoenix and my photos will be all over Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. or at least myspace anyway. maybe losing street clash is like being a Don't in Vice magazine - cooler than a Do.