i'm sure you've noticed that posts have been very sporadic recently and I'm afraid that is not about to change for another couple of months. i'm in the final phase of finishing a master's degree and while the sun shines outside i sit inside covered in articles and books while analysing reflective functioning in mothers with young infants. i'm slowly turning into a zombie and i fear it will cost me all social life i enjoyed up to this point but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

check in on occasion as i do run into the odd dalston fashionista every once and so often.

dr greenthumb lives here, too

talking about flowers in dalston - this absolutely stunning female's name is Fleur.


concrete flower

you see what i'm saying about dalston?


i live in dalston

dalston, for those unfamiliar with london geography, is a borough of hackney and one of the coolest new, and still affordable, hoods ever since neighboring shoreditch has skyrocketed in rent. it still feels pretty underground most of the time and i love it for that. dalston is home to 2 amazing oxfam shops, gareth pugh and, well, me. for some reason i usually avoid taking pictures here for glamcanyon but today, while waiting for the train at dalston kingsland station i made an exception. i still fantasize about doing a story on cool dalstonites at the local sainsbury's super market. there's always a huge amount of late-night shopping scenesters if you go after 9 pm. i'll think about it. feel free to sign a petition in favour of it.


le freak - c'est chic

here are the remaining images of last wednesday's Trannyshack 2008 Vogue Ball.

you want more? HERE is more.


just the ordinary madness

last night, after a fab warm up at my favorite Sing-A-Long at the electricity showrooms, we went to the Trannyshack Vogue Ball. I intended to be just the silent spectator for once, but I figured I might as well share the madness with you. I'll post it all later tonight.


whispers and esquire

who is more fabulous - monsieur esquire - the host of this new weekly sunday night or madame le dj?


y'all like men at work?

i hope so cause here are LOTS of them! Work! might essentially be a gay night, but i suggest you get your straight asses down there next wednesday (should u be in london) cause i dont believe in segregation. a wonderfully surreal place to get down and dirty.

and here's the whole album.

on a side note

GLAMCANYON has contributed photos and stories to this month's australian Attitude magazine, spanish H magazine and Korean Cracker Your Wardrobe magazine.

copies of all these are only available in the respective countries i think but H magazine also has an online version. glamcanyon photos are pages 362-371. some of you are in it, so check it.

I put my thang down, flip it, and reverse it

oh boy. wednesday night was a bit of a surreal event, mostly due to the fact that we attended WORK!, a new night at Heaven, a massive club with 4 big dancefloors. it was something else i can tell you. very little in here reminded of the usual east london crowd/music/venue but somehow that was just what i needed. to be quite honest with you, i've been getting a bit bored of the scene lately. the faces are always the same, only the attitude worsens, or so it seems. i love going to a club to dance and have a good time, not to show off my latest make-up creation and gossip about other people. tomorrow you'll see the whole of the bumping and grinding extravaganza. possibly one of the top 3 photo sets glamcanyon has ever seen.


Are you feeling arty, Marty?

tonight i went to check out C-aberration, a fabulous new night at trash palace in soho and brain child of the amazing theo adams and k-tron. it's great for mondays since it is playful cabaret-like performance/entertainment with great music and finishes at midnight so you have no excuse for not going if you work early the next day. clearly recommended.