i live in dalston

dalston, for those unfamiliar with london geography, is a borough of hackney and one of the coolest new, and still affordable, hoods ever since neighboring shoreditch has skyrocketed in rent. it still feels pretty underground most of the time and i love it for that. dalston is home to 2 amazing oxfam shops, gareth pugh and, well, me. for some reason i usually avoid taking pictures here for glamcanyon but today, while waiting for the train at dalston kingsland station i made an exception. i still fantasize about doing a story on cool dalstonites at the local sainsbury's super market. there's always a huge amount of late-night shopping scenesters if you go after 9 pm. i'll think about it. feel free to sign a petition in favour of it.


  1. Please, make a post with Dalstonites, just for once, pleeaaaaaaaaaase !

    I'm so bored with Brick Lane hipsters :(

  2. You've got my signature