I put my thang down, flip it, and reverse it

oh boy. wednesday night was a bit of a surreal event, mostly due to the fact that we attended WORK!, a new night at Heaven, a massive club with 4 big dancefloors. it was something else i can tell you. very little in here reminded of the usual east london crowd/music/venue but somehow that was just what i needed. to be quite honest with you, i've been getting a bit bored of the scene lately. the faces are always the same, only the attitude worsens, or so it seems. i love going to a club to dance and have a good time, not to show off my latest make-up creation and gossip about other people. tomorrow you'll see the whole of the bumping and grinding extravaganza. possibly one of the top 3 photo sets glamcanyon has ever seen.


  1. ski mask chic is the new black. and holla at missy elliott

  2. the scene is everywhere THE SAME

    lovely nr2 though,im seeing a lot of this lately