4 Apr 2008

y'all like men at work?

i hope so cause here are LOTS of them! Work! might essentially be a gay night, but i suggest you get your straight asses down there next wednesday (should u be in london) cause i dont believe in segregation. a wonderfully surreal place to get down and dirty.

and here's the whole album.


  1. boys boys boys

    afternoon snack!

  2. aye looks good!
    I'm in london wheres it at?? btw I got a question u know a site wich shows all those parties? i mean the dates..
    I've never really did party in london... and i'm here for a while need some INFO ^^

  3. the hottest guys are gay, unfortunatly....

  4. they're nice and seemed wild !! that's definitely the kind of london party we've seen anywhere else !! lucky u

  5. wait is this at a gay club or something?
    chick in the glasses looks fierce.