11 Apr 2008

le freak - c'est chic

here are the remaining images of last wednesday's Trannyshack 2008 Vogue Ball.

you want more? HERE is more.


  1. i made it up to you. last week i mentioned glamcanyon as one of my favourites in an interview with a dutch journalist (De Pers) writing about streetfashionblogs, she didn't know it, so i told her to check it out . now there is a TopTen-ranking in the article, and you came in second, right after big scott..

  2. i love this ITS FABULOUS

  3. big dutch newspaper, eh?
    it's true, free newspapers are big in holland and this is by far the best one. the only free quality-newspaper as they call it. and it's actually the only one i enjoy reading, but big in the netherlands doesn't necessarily mean actually big, if you get me.
    you can download the pdfhere.

  4. i guess you're playin with words for your post title but "freak" if u meant money in french it's "fric"

  5. What a lot of deliciously demonstrative fun.

  6. love the freaky stylish pictures!!!