i'm sure you've noticed that posts have been very sporadic recently and I'm afraid that is not about to change for another couple of months. i'm in the final phase of finishing a master's degree and while the sun shines outside i sit inside covered in articles and books while analysing reflective functioning in mothers with young infants. i'm slowly turning into a zombie and i fear it will cost me all social life i enjoyed up to this point but hopefully it will be worth it in the end.

check in on occasion as i do run into the odd dalston fashionista every once and so often.


  1. All the best on your masters thesis! I've been checking back often to see if there were new pics, but I figured it was school related. The thesis topic sounds very tell more! I'm almost done with my BA thesis--graduation is so near!

  2. I'm working on my BS Thesis and an honors thesis right now. From one street fashion photog to another, I feel for you deeply. I'm sure we will both triumph in academia and fashion.

  3. Good luck for your master !

    I'm sure you'll be come back with a lot of stylish dalstonites.