if you're fabulous and you know it sing along

last night was another fun night at sing a long, karaoke for east london bohemia at the electricity showrooms. only the third time it happened and already it's filling up with fabulistars. the new place to be apparently. too bad just that it closes down at 12 (noone really got there till 11).
a number of perfectly hot males were present, maybe next week they'll be balanced out with some more ladies. their foxy styles are below.


the doppelgänger look

so. last night i went to durrr for the first time and even though the music was great to dance to, the crowd was about half my age. alright, maybe not half my age but still very young. however, i was very lucky to meet the spitting image of a teen marilyn monroe and a teen nana mouskouri.
both looked inspiring in their own terms.


roamancing with the petticoat

let's face it - the idea of wearing a long skirt as a dress is not entirely new, but lately a new trend has caught my attention - wearing a petticoat as a dress! petticoats are lovely and every girly girl wants one. if not to wear out then at least to dress up and feel as a princess in at times. this guy showed us how to work the petticoat and now here's a lady offering her take on the reinvention of the underskirt with frills.


study of circus population

i thought it would be fun to have a look at last friday's circus pictures and detect some patterns in the type of people who attend.

the obvious ones first.
trannies, of course. it's not quite as much fun without them.

models. my favorite!

pretend hip hoppers - aha! this is interesting. i sense a new trend coming on strong this year called: are you for real?

face paint. it's so common at circus that it easily gets its own category. the lesson here is: if you plan to make out, better be prepared to get dirty.

another favorite of mine: ladies. i do like to count myself into that same category.

last but not least: gay boys. fabulous, talented, gorgeous gay boys.

to see the lot of them click on the slideshow below.


the weekly london glam convention, aka circus

oh lovely lovely lovely - another fab night out at london's circus at soho revue bar where "jodie harsh welcomes the beautiful and the damned to a night of trashy electro pop madness" to quote time out. lots of gorgeous faces and extraordinary costumes. check below for a selection of impeccable style and come back to tomorrow for the amazing party photos.
if you cannot wait until tomorrow check here on knicken for some more of last night's lollipop-licking goodness.


a tribute to british boys

i'd like to cease the opportunity and say a word or two about british boys. 0r men if you prefer.
they're not easily classified but tend to be a fairly charming, well-raised breed. they come up with adorable compliments and opening lines, they buy a girl a drink and in many ways are market leaders when it comes to the international stock exchange of flirt matters.

brit boys - you have me on your team. to all american, german and italian males (whom i all fancied before i came to london) - try harder.

most wanted.

fashion advice: do not wear the attitude out on a karaoke night

last night i went to a karaoke night at the electrcity showrooms, organized by richard, the genius inventor of boombox. as an experienced member of the international karaoke-scene i signed up for a song the minute i walked in. while i did have fairly good fun, i have to admit, 90% of everyone else did not seem to have much of the same. maybe ubercool shoreditch needs a few lessons on how to let go and be ridiculous for once.
while i remained unimpressed by most other people's standing around like statues of ice, i did get a bit annoyed at the attitude of the hostess who had the nerve to criticise my rap skills on salt 'n pepa's lets talk about sex.
reality check nr.1: german white girls who sing karaoke can, as a rule, never rap.
reality check nr. 2: it's karaoke. come on!
either way, it's not something that psychotherapy couldn't fix and i'm happy there is a karaoke night on in east london these days. i hope y'all will hop over and perform your worst interpretation of i believe i can fly.
below is a picture of the only guy who could actually sing that night.


star of the canyon - fashionista of the month

today i'd like to introduce a new category to glamcanyon. you're probably thinking - wait - glamcanyon had categories? no. there are none. but that changes today. because i'd like to shout out a little tribute to some of my favorite glamstars on the block. as i do that i'd also like to give you a bit more objective insight in who these people are and how they live their lives.
first on my list of noteworthy fashionistas is of course gala gonzales. she's on everyone's list and deservedly so. you probably came across her before and always wondered - what kind of person is she in real life?
well, i was lucky enough to find out a few weeks ago when she came over my place for a little photo shoot. and you'd never guess, despite all that glitter she's more down to earth than you would ever imagine.

for example one might expect someone as fabulous as gala to roll
in with a limo and a team of stylists but not such, miss gonzalez is
pretense-free and needs neither entourage nor dressing room to
work her style ...

she has no problem making herself at home in a new environment
and even cooked us a lovely spanish traditional meal!

she further insisted to iron all my clothes and in her modesty
declined the offer of a chair.

as if all that hadn't been kind enough already, she finally grabbed
the vacuum cleaner and hovered through the entire house for
several hours.

of course she felt a bit tired after all that so we headed to the
cheapest cafe in the neighborhood and relaxed over a cup of
instant coffee. gala also enjoyed a quick nap...

when we then finally began our photo shoot gala was unafraid to
pose in the most ridiculous positions for the sake of art despite
the stares of 2 fat waitresses, one construction worker and a dog.

and if after all this you think i'm full of shit, you can still take
my word on one thing - gala gonzalez is the best spanish import
since oranges.

gala is wearing her own clothes.


good glasses = good people?

yesterday my favorite ex-roommate of all time markus (first picture below) was celebrating his dirty thirty in a 9 to 9 twelve-hour party extravaganza. as the night went on i met two people who stood out - sal (second) and pelin. interestingly all three grace their faces with a pair of kickass spectacles. not to jump to conclusions here but do i detect a pattern of interesting people wearing interesting glasses? well, it's sunday and i probably won't do much today so at least i can pretend i've created a new cliché. feel free to give your own view on the matter.


let's go back in time

here are two lovely examples of a male and a female who regressed in time, and i don't mean by wearing vintage.
let's have a closer look at little miss french here. she's bringing back the baby doll look we havent really seen too much since the 60's. cute, hard to pull of but cote.
mr lover below reminds me of a time when men smoked cigars in jazz bars and women wore black sequence and heavy eyeliner.


before and after - anthony

anyone remember this boy?
about 6 months ago when i lived in new york i met anthony at the misshapes and took his picture for glamcanyon. in a random and most bizarre moment i met him again last sunday. and as you can see he looked fab as usual.


the new shine

shiny material - the new black? shiny black material - the new WoW?
motto: gareth pugh is doing it, so why can't we?

disco 2008


the effect of CIRCUS on people in their 20's to 30's

on a day where nothing seems right,
your friends are annoying you...

your boyfriend broke up with you, you lost your favorite cardi and you hurt your arm so bad the blood will ruin your shirt....

..and the only person to make out with is such a bad kisser you'd rather read a book on metaphysics....

..then it's time to jump on the next available hot stuff, grind your hips to theirs and sex them up on the dancefloor until all your worries disappear...

to see what else happened at circus last friday, click on the slideshow below.