study of circus population

i thought it would be fun to have a look at last friday's circus pictures and detect some patterns in the type of people who attend.

the obvious ones first.
trannies, of course. it's not quite as much fun without them.

models. my favorite!

pretend hip hoppers - aha! this is interesting. i sense a new trend coming on strong this year called: are you for real?

face paint. it's so common at circus that it easily gets its own category. the lesson here is: if you plan to make out, better be prepared to get dirty.

another favorite of mine: ladies. i do like to count myself into that same category.

last but not least: gay boys. fabulous, talented, gorgeous gay boys.

to see the lot of them click on the slideshow below.


  1. Is the nightclub you frequently visit called Circus? How old and good lookin should you be to come in?/ex canditat of hiho bye!

  2. That does look like an amazingly good time. I can't decide if my favorites are the face-painters or the ridiculously gorgeous models. Damn.

  3. Models are my favourite ones too. (male models, of course) You should dedicate some more time to these lovely specie :D