fashion advice: do not wear the attitude out on a karaoke night

last night i went to a karaoke night at the electrcity showrooms, organized by richard, the genius inventor of boombox. as an experienced member of the international karaoke-scene i signed up for a song the minute i walked in. while i did have fairly good fun, i have to admit, 90% of everyone else did not seem to have much of the same. maybe ubercool shoreditch needs a few lessons on how to let go and be ridiculous for once.
while i remained unimpressed by most other people's standing around like statues of ice, i did get a bit annoyed at the attitude of the hostess who had the nerve to criticise my rap skills on salt 'n pepa's lets talk about sex.
reality check nr.1: german white girls who sing karaoke can, as a rule, never rap.
reality check nr. 2: it's karaoke. come on!
either way, it's not something that psychotherapy couldn't fix and i'm happy there is a karaoke night on in east london these days. i hope y'all will hop over and perform your worst interpretation of i believe i can fly.
below is a picture of the only guy who could actually sing that night.


  1. well fuck 'em. i'm just glad we don't have to compete in karaoke as your version of salt'n pepa is propably even more difficult to beat than your foto of the voice (and most definitely style) of the evening.
    nice shot