a tribute to british boys

i'd like to cease the opportunity and say a word or two about british boys. 0r men if you prefer.
they're not easily classified but tend to be a fairly charming, well-raised breed. they come up with adorable compliments and opening lines, they buy a girl a drink and in many ways are market leaders when it comes to the international stock exchange of flirt matters.

brit boys - you have me on your team. to all american, german and italian males (whom i all fancied before i came to london) - try harder.

most wanted.


  1. I Agree to the max!
    I miss the UK so.

    I'm in the process of re-vamping the links section of my blog aka I'm linking your blog on my blog very shortly.

  2. You need to accept me on you msn! Hiho/Charlie

  3. what do you do then:P? I wanna know little more about exciding London, you life!!hiho/Charlie

  4. he does look a lot like jason schwartzman...cute!

  5. plus, the britishy accent. swoon, thud. nice work!

  6. hahaha, i'm guessing the accent does the trick, right?
    (and those tights pants + trench too... lol)