star of the canyon - fashionista of the month

today i'd like to introduce a new category to glamcanyon. you're probably thinking - wait - glamcanyon had categories? no. there are none. but that changes today. because i'd like to shout out a little tribute to some of my favorite glamstars on the block. as i do that i'd also like to give you a bit more objective insight in who these people are and how they live their lives.
first on my list of noteworthy fashionistas is of course gala gonzales. she's on everyone's list and deservedly so. you probably came across her before and always wondered - what kind of person is she in real life?
well, i was lucky enough to find out a few weeks ago when she came over my place for a little photo shoot. and you'd never guess, despite all that glitter she's more down to earth than you would ever imagine.

for example one might expect someone as fabulous as gala to roll
in with a limo and a team of stylists but not such, miss gonzalez is
pretense-free and needs neither entourage nor dressing room to
work her style ...

she has no problem making herself at home in a new environment
and even cooked us a lovely spanish traditional meal!

she further insisted to iron all my clothes and in her modesty
declined the offer of a chair.

as if all that hadn't been kind enough already, she finally grabbed
the vacuum cleaner and hovered through the entire house for
several hours.

of course she felt a bit tired after all that so we headed to the
cheapest cafe in the neighborhood and relaxed over a cup of
instant coffee. gala also enjoyed a quick nap...

when we then finally began our photo shoot gala was unafraid to
pose in the most ridiculous positions for the sake of art despite
the stares of 2 fat waitresses, one construction worker and a dog.

and if after all this you think i'm full of shit, you can still take
my word on one thing - gala gonzalez is the best spanish import
since oranges.

gala is wearing her own clothes.


  1. hahaha, i was wondering about gala since i found her fotolog last month or so, love her!! so cute and stylish.
    i was planning on doing something about her on my blog too!
    uhm... you won, haha

  2. Wer ist die denn?
    Soooo stylish sieht die ja jetzt auch nicht aus, oder? Und warum sieht sie so aus als wuerde sie mitta Limo kommen? Ich finde, ein versiffter 242 passt besser zu der....

    und jetzt loesch das gefaelligst nuescht, wir leben ja in einer Demokratie, right?

    Your all time favourite flatmate (who decided today to get involved in these discussions!)

  3. Haha. That second pic is unique! :) Muy bonita!

    I'll be in London from Sunday morning Feb. 10th until at least the following Monday the 18th. Will be staying at the City Inn Westminster.

    Coffee sounds good.

  4. o goodness, that last 2 dresses and the ironing outfit.

  5. That red dress is absolutely fabulous! love it

  6. i love am lul
    not yet come to mexico

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  8. Haha cool pics!

    Love your blog sweetie, keep up the great work.


  9. So funny pictures!!! I love Gala Gonzalez´s personality... she is so natural.