hello london!

i have set foot in the british capitol and so far everything's been lovely - the weather, the people and of course the beer. i'm very impressed with the london style and can't wait to really throw myself into all the fashion fabulousness and take some street style pictures. what keeps me away from doing so already is mainly the fact that i need two very important things before i can occupy my mind with anything else
a) a job - photographing weddings? cleaning houses in my underwear? waiting tables? dancing in strip clubs? changing dipers?
if anyone knows of something shout it my way
b) an apartment. i may have something nice in shoreditch (where i stay now) but until it's not 100% i'll happily consider other offers

there. once i've got those two things covered i'll be jumping right back into the creative pool and swim a few laps.

and just so you won't get bored: here's a little series i started called "the traveling glasses" (ps: is it traveling with one or 2 L?)

fleamarket fabulousness

since i'm leaving the country for good coming friday i decided to sell my shit on the sunday fleamarket at mauerpark. as it turned out, it's not only a good spot to get something for nothing, it's also a great way of getting shots of fashionable peeps. see below for some hot market boys and girls.


kreuzberg looking good

Jessica, 23 - Berin, Kreuzberg
Jessica works as a bartender at White Trash, the same restaurant that FIRED ME and didnt even have the guts to tell me in person. anyway, that was before Jess got hired and she's awesomely cool from what i could tell, quite unlike her boss. her pants are from Pepa Carnero and the rest is vintage. she feels mainly inspired by 80's Madonna, the gay scene and berlin. to her fashion means the opportunity for everyone to express who they want to be - whether they want to adapt, shock, impress - everything can be communicated through the clothes you're wearing. this making fashion a language spoken all over the world. exept in nudist camps maybe.

Baher, 21 - Berlin, Kreuzberg
Baher is Jessica's good buddy visiting from frankfurt. what i love most about her is her hair! little surprising cause she's a hair stylist. looking at her and the guy below you may wonder if super curls are the new do. i dig.

Tobi, 25 - Kreuzberg, Berlin
i was sitting outside a japanese eatery having sushi when Tobi walked past and i dropped my california roll to run after him. the American Apparel socks have a great effect due to their bright blue color and work mighty fine together with his shorts/jacket/bag (all by Adidas). we didnt get to chat much as he was in a rush to get home to a soccer game.


a home for me in London

dear everyone

as mentioned before i'm moving to london in two weeks to study and i'll stick around for at least a year. i'm now in desperate need of accomodation there, something very cheap of course (100 quid a week is max) ideally somewhere near camden or swiss cottage as my program is taught around there mainly.
i've shared over 20 apartments in 6 countries (3 continents) over the past 7 years and can claim myself to be an excellent roommate.
if you hear of ANYthing please let me know. temporary stays are fine also. maybe you know of someone going on vacation, someone moving in with their significant other, someone leaving town.

i appreciate all the help i can get, maybe post this on your myspace bullitins. i will greatly reward successful leads (with beer, cigarettes and promiscuous sex)

rock n roll


fine fellas

Ivan, 26 - Kreuzberg
this stunning young man is Ivan Aranega, possibly Berlin's finest spanish import. he's currently working on an amazing documentary on the berlin burlesque scene. in this picture he's wearing vintage riding pants and everything else is second hand as well. when asked where she shops he just said "i dont shop, i just walk around and pick things up". so there. apparently in kreuzberg good style really can be found lying on the street.

Erik, 26 - at Dr Pong, Prenzlauer Berg
this sexy swede just moved to berlin recently and is currently looking for a job. should you know of something get in touch with me and i'll put the info through. he's wearing a Drowst t-shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, Vans shoes and styled his Levi's jacket himself, sewing all the pins and leppard skin on it. Erik's style is mainly inspired by "old rock 'n roll dudes", the 80's and old school skate board culture. he plays guitar in a band called Jailhouse fuck

Robin, 24 - Dr Pong, Prenzlauer Berg
Robin is another band member of Jailhouse fuck as well as Damn Your Eyes and he's very exited to live in berlin now. he's expecting inspiration from this city and is even going to learn german (right on). his t-shirt is by Dietrich, the jacket by April 77, Cheap Monday jeans and Vans shoes. Robin describes his style as a hardcore kid trying to look like death disco.

thank you !

i'd like to thank everyone who made it out last friday, we had an awesome time and appreciate you all showing up. sorry if the door was a little harsh on some people and made you wait, we had no influence on this.
below you can find a slide show of the pictures i took that night.


Expect Excellence from me

if you've been wondering what else i do apart from taking pictures of people on the street and at parties come to Eel Pie this friday and be there for the world premiere of my photo show "air de rien"

and if you dont come for me definately come for DJ Almost Tropical
who's been known to make dead people dance.

"summer camp meets granny's closet"

Marcella, 26 - Youth Club!
this italian designer for clothes and jewellery now lives in berlin and currently looks for work over here. Marcella is all about color and the feel of a piece of clothing. "fashion is a scheisse" she claims, to her it's all about personal style, though you could argue of course that the harder you try to be anti-fashion the more fashionable you become. she gets inspiration from the 80's, david bowie and the ramones. she also had some cool moves for the camera.

Janni, 32 - Youth Club!
"i'm a professional party girl" she exclaims when asked about her occupation. her outfit is from sameheads who celebrated their first birthday that night. "say no to skinny jeans" is a style rule to Janni who decides on her look mainly according to her mood and the event she's attending.

Jeanne, 20 - Youth Club!
Goldielocks is from Tel Aviv and currently visiting berlin. she's wearing a vintage dress, Cheap Monday jeans and a necklace she made herself from a t-shirt. Jeanne likes to make her own clothes a lot and gets most of her inspiration from history. she mixes the romantic with the rough and that way creates a new feel and image which reflects herself in many ways. Jeanne likes to be girly yet tough and by expressing that in her style she manages to balance out the two.

Helen, 23 - Picknick
this is the singer of Look Baby, a fabulous new band from berlin (must check out). she's wearing a dress from bangkok, and vintage everything else. Helen says she doesn't care much about fashion but when she shops she's mainly going for color, rather than cuts or trends. to her fashion is relating to an innate sense for esthetics.

Dirk, 35 - Picknick
this Architect is wearing April 77 jeans, a shirt by H&M and shoes by Underground. he says he always tries to define his outside over his inside. he'd like to be a rockstar and the only thing keeping him from that is the inability of playing an instrument. details, i say - we'll doubtless see him on international stages soon.

Ronald, 21 - Picknick
striking! unique! unusual! all things Ronald is aiming for with his style and he best achieves this by buying from young designers who, he says, are often more creative because they care more about the artistic aspects of fashion as opposed to commercial motivations. his outstanding sweater is by c. neeon, jeans are American Apparel.

Hollywood, 23 - Mauerpark Fleamarket
if i was given a choice i'd want the world to be full of people like Hollywood. with cool first names and wearing bright colored clothes and having funny hairdos. He's visiting from London and is wearing an H&M shirts and pants, shoes by Topman and a TK Max bag. Hollywood is a musician and performance artist and you should definately check out his myspace for far more outrageous style.

Mona, 19 - Kastanienallee (Mitte)
mona is currently interning with a designer and about to study fashion design. she likes her look to be romantic and playful and is inspired by Galliano, Comme des Garcons and Arrey Kono. shorts are H&M, shirt and scarf are from her mom.

Elizabeth, 25 - Kastanienallee (Mitte)
now Liz here is my homegirl and my favorite dj ever. she's irish but has been living in germany for 2 years now. "fashion is a way to express a part of me to the outside world that doesnt normally come out" Liz is a little shy at times but her fashion tells a different story. "we dress again like when we were children. summer camp meets granny's closet." Liz organizes the Expect Excellence parties which feature ME as a selected artist next friday. check out the flyer and show up!


style quickies - Berlin Hilton

no poses, just style (how dramatic that sounds - i love it!)


"i dress unique, because i am"

dear darlings,
i have left new york and returned to my favorite city of all time - BERLIN!!! unfortunately i only have about a month here before i move to london in september but still plenty of time to go out, party lots and photograph many foxy berliners and their friends from abroad.
here's a first load of visiting foreigners.

Luvinsky, 28 - prenzlauer berg (berlin), my house
this is my old buddy from my years in paris. he happened to be in berlin just when i get back from new york. excellent timing. luvinsky is an unbeievable singer and actor and about to really hit the market with an amazing new album. forgot to ask him about his clothes, but i know the boots are about 10 years old.

Sara, 26 - NBI for Berlin Hilton
saa is from madrid so we actually did this interview in spanish. her hat and skirt are vintage and the bloue is from Eastern Affair. she dresses to be different she says which makes her feel strong and sexy. and she is. sara works as a promoter for a club called Stardust in madrid