a home for me in London

dear everyone

as mentioned before i'm moving to london in two weeks to study and i'll stick around for at least a year. i'm now in desperate need of accomodation there, something very cheap of course (100 quid a week is max) ideally somewhere near camden or swiss cottage as my program is taught around there mainly.
i've shared over 20 apartments in 6 countries (3 continents) over the past 7 years and can claim myself to be an excellent roommate.
if you hear of ANYthing please let me know. temporary stays are fine also. maybe you know of someone going on vacation, someone moving in with their significant other, someone leaving town.

i appreciate all the help i can get, maybe post this on your myspace bullitins. i will greatly reward successful leads (with beer, cigarettes and promiscuous sex)

rock n roll


  1. i post it on my myspace for you, just coz i love your blog and i do know some ppl up there... if i got news i comment again!

  2. you're a star. thanks so much

  3. hey my name is holly and i just spotted your blog about a home in and my best friend are moving to london in the next 4 weeks and are going to look for properties on monday.we have been looking for an extra house mate for a while.
    if you are interested contact me through my myspace /huckleberrybuck