"summer camp meets granny's closet"

Marcella, 26 - Youth Club!
this italian designer for clothes and jewellery now lives in berlin and currently looks for work over here. Marcella is all about color and the feel of a piece of clothing. "fashion is a scheisse" she claims, to her it's all about personal style, though you could argue of course that the harder you try to be anti-fashion the more fashionable you become. she gets inspiration from the 80's, david bowie and the ramones. she also had some cool moves for the camera.

Janni, 32 - Youth Club!
"i'm a professional party girl" she exclaims when asked about her occupation. her outfit is from sameheads who celebrated their first birthday that night. "say no to skinny jeans" is a style rule to Janni who decides on her look mainly according to her mood and the event she's attending.

Jeanne, 20 - Youth Club!
Goldielocks is from Tel Aviv and currently visiting berlin. she's wearing a vintage dress, Cheap Monday jeans and a necklace she made herself from a t-shirt. Jeanne likes to make her own clothes a lot and gets most of her inspiration from history. she mixes the romantic with the rough and that way creates a new feel and image which reflects herself in many ways. Jeanne likes to be girly yet tough and by expressing that in her style she manages to balance out the two.

Helen, 23 - Picknick
this is the singer of Look Baby, a fabulous new band from berlin (must check out). she's wearing a dress from bangkok, and vintage everything else. Helen says she doesn't care much about fashion but when she shops she's mainly going for color, rather than cuts or trends. to her fashion is relating to an innate sense for esthetics.

Dirk, 35 - Picknick
this Architect is wearing April 77 jeans, a shirt by H&M and shoes by Underground. he says he always tries to define his outside over his inside. he'd like to be a rockstar and the only thing keeping him from that is the inability of playing an instrument. details, i say - we'll doubtless see him on international stages soon.

Ronald, 21 - Picknick
striking! unique! unusual! all things Ronald is aiming for with his style and he best achieves this by buying from young designers who, he says, are often more creative because they care more about the artistic aspects of fashion as opposed to commercial motivations. his outstanding sweater is by c. neeon, jeans are American Apparel.

Hollywood, 23 - Mauerpark Fleamarket
if i was given a choice i'd want the world to be full of people like Hollywood. with cool first names and wearing bright colored clothes and having funny hairdos. He's visiting from London and is wearing an H&M shirts and pants, shoes by Topman and a TK Max bag. Hollywood is a musician and performance artist and you should definately check out his myspace for far more outrageous style.

Mona, 19 - Kastanienallee (Mitte)
mona is currently interning with a designer and about to study fashion design. she likes her look to be romantic and playful and is inspired by Galliano, Comme des Garcons and Arrey Kono. shorts are H&M, shirt and scarf are from her mom.

Elizabeth, 25 - Kastanienallee (Mitte)
now Liz here is my homegirl and my favorite dj ever. she's irish but has been living in germany for 2 years now. "fashion is a way to express a part of me to the outside world that doesnt normally come out" Liz is a little shy at times but her fashion tells a different story. "we dress again like when we were children. summer camp meets granny's closet." Liz organizes the Expect Excellence parties which feature ME as a selected artist next friday. check out the flyer and show up!


  1. #5, that’s an amazing photograph period. But aren’t the jeans April 77?

    #6, I think this is the kind of guy that any young designer would want their clothes to be seen on. That sweater is so fantastically cool.

  2. haha! yes! it's april 77 of course. i really need an assistant. this whole blog is so full of typos it makes it impossible to appear somewhat professional. thanks cc.