hello london!

i have set foot in the british capitol and so far everything's been lovely - the weather, the people and of course the beer. i'm very impressed with the london style and can't wait to really throw myself into all the fashion fabulousness and take some street style pictures. what keeps me away from doing so already is mainly the fact that i need two very important things before i can occupy my mind with anything else
a) a job - photographing weddings? cleaning houses in my underwear? waiting tables? dancing in strip clubs? changing dipers?
if anyone knows of something shout it my way
b) an apartment. i may have something nice in shoreditch (where i stay now) but until it's not 100% i'll happily consider other offers

there. once i've got those two things covered i'll be jumping right back into the creative pool and swim a few laps.

and just so you won't get bored: here's a little series i started called "the traveling glasses" (ps: is it traveling with one or 2 L?)


  1. What a lovely blog! Thank you so much for commenting om our website so that you gave me the chance to experience yours. I'll definitely be back! And about your comment - I'm certainly not going to be a supermodel jetsetting between Paris and New York, but I love being in front of the camera, and I was so flattered by your sweet words! :) Love, Annika

  2. is that matt timmons from kansas city??

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  4. travelling/traveling can be spelt either way, depending on which english you chose to use: american or british.

    well, at least I think so.


    cheers on the great photos