kreuzberg looking good

Jessica, 23 - Berin, Kreuzberg
Jessica works as a bartender at White Trash, the same restaurant that FIRED ME and didnt even have the guts to tell me in person. anyway, that was before Jess got hired and she's awesomely cool from what i could tell, quite unlike her boss. her pants are from Pepa Carnero and the rest is vintage. she feels mainly inspired by 80's Madonna, the gay scene and berlin. to her fashion means the opportunity for everyone to express who they want to be - whether they want to adapt, shock, impress - everything can be communicated through the clothes you're wearing. this making fashion a language spoken all over the world. exept in nudist camps maybe.

Baher, 21 - Berlin, Kreuzberg
Baher is Jessica's good buddy visiting from frankfurt. what i love most about her is her hair! little surprising cause she's a hair stylist. looking at her and the guy below you may wonder if super curls are the new do. i dig.

Tobi, 25 - Kreuzberg, Berlin
i was sitting outside a japanese eatery having sushi when Tobi walked past and i dropped my california roll to run after him. the American Apparel socks have a great effect due to their bright blue color and work mighty fine together with his shorts/jacket/bag (all by Adidas). we didnt get to chat much as he was in a rush to get home to a soccer game.

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