fine fellas

Ivan, 26 - Kreuzberg
this stunning young man is Ivan Aranega, possibly Berlin's finest spanish import. he's currently working on an amazing documentary on the berlin burlesque scene. in this picture he's wearing vintage riding pants and everything else is second hand as well. when asked where she shops he just said "i dont shop, i just walk around and pick things up". so there. apparently in kreuzberg good style really can be found lying on the street.

Erik, 26 - at Dr Pong, Prenzlauer Berg
this sexy swede just moved to berlin recently and is currently looking for a job. should you know of something get in touch with me and i'll put the info through. he's wearing a Drowst t-shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, Vans shoes and styled his Levi's jacket himself, sewing all the pins and leppard skin on it. Erik's style is mainly inspired by "old rock 'n roll dudes", the 80's and old school skate board culture. he plays guitar in a band called Jailhouse fuck

Robin, 24 - Dr Pong, Prenzlauer Berg
Robin is another band member of Jailhouse fuck as well as Damn Your Eyes and he's very exited to live in berlin now. he's expecting inspiration from this city and is even going to learn german (right on). his t-shirt is by Dietrich, the jacket by April 77, Cheap Monday jeans and Vans shoes. Robin describes his style as a hardcore kid trying to look like death disco.


  1. Wow, what a great shot - #1!! I love the composition...he jumps so high!! And the cane is fabulous =)