show me your dress and i'll tell you who you are

Genevieve, old - Soho
i was just photographing someone else when she was pointed out to me on the other side of the street. indeed her casual, yet sphisticated style as well as that adorable dog left no doubt that she had to be on the books. her dress is by Spencer & Graham, shoes are Barber Bui, bag is by Prada and glasses are Lanvin. Genevieve works as a jewelry designer and was just right in the middle of dry cleaning and dog-walking.

Marisa, 20 - Soho
this young lady and her buddy Robert (see below) were just on their way to the theatre when i met them. her dress is vintage from a store in LA called "The Elegant Mess". shoes are Stella McCartney, glasses are Chanel.

Robert, 26 - Soho
the only man i saw that day who was on top of his fashion! Robert wears a top by Alberto Marani, Shorts with little scorpios on them by Brooks Brothers and shoes by Bottega Veneta. he works as a fashion publicist.

Sophie, 20
before agreeing to take this picture she made sure i didnt shoot for the Don'ts section in Vice magazine. and how could i when Sophie's style is a absolute Do. vintage shoes from Paris, a Marc Jacobs Skirt and leotard by American Apparel. all rounded up by my favorite accessoire - blood red lipstick. Sophie works in an art gallery and likes spicy food. (or she seemed like she would).

Anna, 33 - West Village
hey mate! this lovely australian musician has been living around new york long enough to make it hard to detect her accent, but it is there. her outfit is vintage from australia, shoes are from a store called Dalaga and the bag is from a yard sale.

Amanda, 24 - Lower East Side
i stopped her right in front of whole foods (try their Terra Stripes and Blues exotic vegetable chips) and was astounded to hear that her fabulous yellow dress is H&M! elegantly combined with Louis Vuitton shoes, and a vintage bag and necklace. Amanda works in fashion PR and was just on her way to do cocktails with friends.

Katie, 26 - Soho
the second publicist i met that day was just on her way to the gym when this bright attention seeking blue dress caught mine. the match was made perfect by her blue eyeshadow and the shoes, a lucky cheapie find at Rainbow. dress is H&M, necklace is a gift that her dad once gave to her mom.

Hilary, 31 - Lower East Side
what would you guess this woman does for a living? a belly-dancer? a green peace activist? - no, she's a bond trader! Her shirt and skirt are by Calypso, the belt is from an antique bazaar and necklaces are from all over.


daytime silk

Miriam, 36 - Williamsburg
i walked past Miriam as she was talking on the phone so i couldnt go up to her for a while. i got a bagel at the store next door and kept looking out the window making sure she and her fabulous outfit wouldn't leave before i'd get to take a photo.
i was lucky and found her in a shop without a phone attached to her ear.
she told me that her dress is actually a nightgown from a sale out of a dead woman's house in new jersey. "nobody ever wants the underwear so they give out the whole drawer for a dollar" she explains. who'd have guessed that the best clothes may come from dead folks. the hat she bought at "The Hat Shop" in Soho where Linda Pagan sells creations of talented new designers. Her bag is from Orla Kiely and the ice cream is by Tasty D-Lite.
Miriam works as a real estate broker and was (sort of) working when i met her.


Happy pride!

yesteray was gay pride in new york and it was amazing. smiles all over this town (just when i stopped thinking smiling people even existed in new york)

Eric, 18 - West Village
he and his friend Nikola were just on their way home through the parade when i stopped them. Eric's a model for IMG and get's really creative when it comes to style. he made his hat himself and his shirt "got shredded at a party". awesomely cool.

Nikola, 28 - West Village
Voilà la copine d'Eric. this lady is a painter and wears jewelery her mom used to wear in the 60's. boots and glasses are vintage, the bag is from Balenciaga

Peder, 25 - West Village
this beautiful boy is visiting from sweden - the country of beautiful boys. he came to the parade with a warning. i like people who have a message. sunglasses are AM Eyewear.

Brendon, 27 - West Village
I knew Brendon and his great style from seeing him work at Beacon's closet, possibly the most famous vintage store in new york. his true calling is fashion design. his outfit is vintage since he gets awesome deals as a beacon's employee.

Cary, 30
This blondie had just got out of the subway and was on he way to the party and "soon to be topless". Cary's an actress and wears pants from Roxy, shoes from Vans and a top from a cheapie store on broadway.

Shi, 20 - West Village
I met her late at night when we were both our way home. Shi studies art and drew the flahes on her american apparel t-shirt herself. the jeans are cheap monday, the vest is H&M.

Oliver, 26 - Meat-packing district
Oliver was between parties (cheers!) and wears a fabulous outfit with an H&M shirt, Macy's pants and a hat from a touristy store around times square. (would you have guessed?) he works as a waiter and bartender at a sports club.

easy saturday

Andie, 24 - Williamsburg
i met Andie at the counter of a deli where i had just purchased alcoholic beverages and he got an ice cream sandwich. he's in retail management for G-Star, where hi outfit is from. The glasses are Cazal, the hat Eugenia and the ring is by Bijules.

Tessa, 29 - Soho
This young fashion designer and her friend were just on their way to an art exhibition when i couldn't resist her H&M shirt and these Marc Jacobs sandals. the bag is from Urban Outfitters.

Lina, 28 - Union Square
another fashion designer, this swedish expat creates men's wear. her enormous shopping bags contain stuff for her garden. the dress is vintage and so is the belt. shoes are Fornarina.

Jane, 19 - Union, Square
I instanty loved her shirt from a vintage store called Narnia on Clinton St. Shoes are Miu Miu. under the shirt she wears shorts by american apparel. Jane studies French at Alliance Française.

Seetha, 33 - Union Square
Seetha is a web content manager and was just visiting new york from copenhagen where she lives. Her dress and necklace are from Max Mara, she shoes are Marc Jacobs.

Andrew, 30 - Williamsburg
I saw him (not) selling clothes on Bedford Avenue and liked his "all american" style. Andrew is a highschool teacher and wears a shirt by H&M, pants from Beacon's and a hat by his brother's band.

Cheyenne, 26 - Williamsburg
i had just purchased a shirt off a street vendor after trying it on and discussing the price when cheyenne just pointed at a top, asked the price and instantly bought it. i love the vintage african theme printed shirt (versus on bedford) together with shorts by Urban Outfitters. cheyenne works as a make-up artist.

Alexis, 30 - Williamsburg (Bedford subway station)
I saw her and her sparkeling sequence vintage dress descending into the subway and followed her to take a picture and congratulate her on wearing sequence at 2 in the afternoon. She was actually on her way to that day's mermaid parade happening once a year in coney island. She's a fact checker for Rolling stone magazine.

Hassan, 26 - Williamsburg (Bedford subway station)
He plays guitar in a band and just came from a rehearsal. the jeans and vest are vintage from Atantis attic, the shirt he bought off a young designer selling around Union Square. Glasses are cheapies off St Marks.

James, 23 - East Village
Says his occupation is sleeping all day. He and his friend were just about to do a road trip to new jersey to get a brownie sunday. his shirts are by a t-shirt company his friends own, jeans are vintage and shoes are Rebok.


reach out and touch faith

Faith, 27
you'd never guess but this hot tamale is only two days away from working at corporation. this is her way of celebrating the life before the 9 to 5. swim suit is from Diesel.

the battle of the shoes

Caleb, 26 - Soho
this handsome young man sells suits at Duncan Quinn, en exquisit store for men's clothing.
i passed the store and was instantly struck by so much style and masculinity that i had to go inside and ask to take his picture. 
the suit is custommade by Duncan Quinn.

Jera, 18 - Soho
gorgeous girl, just graduated from highschool and now works at a restaurant as a hostess before she starts college in california this fall. her boyfriend found her jacket at a salvation army store. jeans are Cheap Mondays. the shirt is from beacon's closet.

Christian, 42 - East Vilage
Chris is an actual countryman of mine but has left Germany a while ago and now lives in New York working as a journalist. He gets his clothes from fleamarkets, designers or simply makes his own.

Susan, 31 - Lower East Side
this charming lady is a burlesque dancer from Virginia and was just about to have a show when i caught her on camera. Her dress is from Calypso and the purse is vintage. like so many new yorkers nowadays she has no problem combining a vintage dress with some good ol' flip flops.

Leah, 24 - Lower East Side
Leah's a danish expat in New York and an unemployed drummer. Like everyone tonight she was on her way to meet friends for dinner. her dress is from Min' K and the boots are vintage bought in 

Alex, 13 - Soho
so young and already so style-conscious. Alex, I applaud you. She got the shirt at Wet Seal, shoes are Journey and the rest is 
from H&M. 

Pierre, 31
Parlez-vous français? Pierre has just moved to New York from Paris and works as an interior decorator.
he likes to mix cheap with chér and therefore wears his marc jacobs shirt with some H&M flip flops.

Kazumi, over 30 - Lower East Side
another expatriate, Kazumi is originally from Japan but has lived in New York for quite a while. she's a photographer and wears beautiful Armani shoes and a bag from YSL

Angela, 27 - Soho
a spanish beauty, Angela now lives and works in NYC for Stella McCartney where she got her gorgeous blouse. equally fabulous are her shoes which were a lucky vintage find. tonight she had just got off work and was on her way to the bar. i say, yes please!


street fashion in manhattan

as some of you know glamcanyon at this point has been covering parties in berlin, paris and london and i'm expanding the conecpt by adding street fashion to the bunch. after all, there's a lot of glam to be seen and photographed in the streets of the stylish cities in this world.
a fabulous place to start is of course new york city where i just happen to be in this summer.
i had a stroll in different neighborhoods yesterday and here's what i found.

chris, 27
visiting from san francisco, he's a photographer and about to open a restaurant

edwin, 34 - lower east side
artist and educator, was just on his way to a party (like every other person in new york after 7 pm)

peggy - east village
this beauty sings in a band and was just on her way to a show she played. we didnt get to chat much since she had to rush but she did mention getting her overall off of ebay.

matthew, 21 - soho
PR intern, was just waiting on a friend. likes to combine dior and marc jacobs with designer lookalikes from H&M (shoes)

troy - meat-packing district
just came from work, though i forgot to ask why he needs all that luggage for his job. wears Hermes, Thom Browne, Lanvin