easy saturday

Andie, 24 - Williamsburg
i met Andie at the counter of a deli where i had just purchased alcoholic beverages and he got an ice cream sandwich. he's in retail management for G-Star, where hi outfit is from. The glasses are Cazal, the hat Eugenia and the ring is by Bijules.

Tessa, 29 - Soho
This young fashion designer and her friend were just on their way to an art exhibition when i couldn't resist her H&M shirt and these Marc Jacobs sandals. the bag is from Urban Outfitters.

Lina, 28 - Union Square
another fashion designer, this swedish expat creates men's wear. her enormous shopping bags contain stuff for her garden. the dress is vintage and so is the belt. shoes are Fornarina.

Jane, 19 - Union, Square
I instanty loved her shirt from a vintage store called Narnia on Clinton St. Shoes are Miu Miu. under the shirt she wears shorts by american apparel. Jane studies French at Alliance Française.

Seetha, 33 - Union Square
Seetha is a web content manager and was just visiting new york from copenhagen where she lives. Her dress and necklace are from Max Mara, she shoes are Marc Jacobs.

Andrew, 30 - Williamsburg
I saw him (not) selling clothes on Bedford Avenue and liked his "all american" style. Andrew is a highschool teacher and wears a shirt by H&M, pants from Beacon's and a hat by his brother's band.

Cheyenne, 26 - Williamsburg
i had just purchased a shirt off a street vendor after trying it on and discussing the price when cheyenne just pointed at a top, asked the price and instantly bought it. i love the vintage african theme printed shirt (versus on bedford) together with shorts by Urban Outfitters. cheyenne works as a make-up artist.

Alexis, 30 - Williamsburg (Bedford subway station)
I saw her and her sparkeling sequence vintage dress descending into the subway and followed her to take a picture and congratulate her on wearing sequence at 2 in the afternoon. She was actually on her way to that day's mermaid parade happening once a year in coney island. She's a fact checker for Rolling stone magazine.

Hassan, 26 - Williamsburg (Bedford subway station)
He plays guitar in a band and just came from a rehearsal. the jeans and vest are vintage from Atantis attic, the shirt he bought off a young designer selling around Union Square. Glasses are cheapies off St Marks.

James, 23 - East Village
Says his occupation is sleeping all day. He and his friend were just about to do a road trip to new jersey to get a brownie sunday. his shirts are by a t-shirt company his friends own, jeans are vintage and shoes are Rebok.

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