daytime silk

Miriam, 36 - Williamsburg
i walked past Miriam as she was talking on the phone so i couldnt go up to her for a while. i got a bagel at the store next door and kept looking out the window making sure she and her fabulous outfit wouldn't leave before i'd get to take a photo.
i was lucky and found her in a shop without a phone attached to her ear.
she told me that her dress is actually a nightgown from a sale out of a dead woman's house in new jersey. "nobody ever wants the underwear so they give out the whole drawer for a dollar" she explains. who'd have guessed that the best clothes may come from dead folks. the hat she bought at "The Hat Shop" in Soho where Linda Pagan sells creations of talented new designers. Her bag is from Orla Kiely and the ice cream is by Tasty D-Lite.
Miriam works as a real estate broker and was (sort of) working when i met her.

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