the battle of the shoes

Caleb, 26 - Soho
this handsome young man sells suits at Duncan Quinn, en exquisit store for men's clothing.
i passed the store and was instantly struck by so much style and masculinity that i had to go inside and ask to take his picture. 
the suit is custommade by Duncan Quinn.

Jera, 18 - Soho
gorgeous girl, just graduated from highschool and now works at a restaurant as a hostess before she starts college in california this fall. her boyfriend found her jacket at a salvation army store. jeans are Cheap Mondays. the shirt is from beacon's closet.

Christian, 42 - East Vilage
Chris is an actual countryman of mine but has left Germany a while ago and now lives in New York working as a journalist. He gets his clothes from fleamarkets, designers or simply makes his own.

Susan, 31 - Lower East Side
this charming lady is a burlesque dancer from Virginia and was just about to have a show when i caught her on camera. Her dress is from Calypso and the purse is vintage. like so many new yorkers nowadays she has no problem combining a vintage dress with some good ol' flip flops.

Leah, 24 - Lower East Side
Leah's a danish expat in New York and an unemployed drummer. Like everyone tonight she was on her way to meet friends for dinner. her dress is from Min' K and the boots are vintage bought in 

Alex, 13 - Soho
so young and already so style-conscious. Alex, I applaud you. She got the shirt at Wet Seal, shoes are Journey and the rest is 
from H&M. 

Pierre, 31
Parlez-vous français? Pierre has just moved to New York from Paris and works as an interior decorator.
he likes to mix cheap with chér and therefore wears his marc jacobs shirt with some H&M flip flops.

Kazumi, over 30 - Lower East Side
another expatriate, Kazumi is originally from Japan but has lived in New York for quite a while. she's a photographer and wears beautiful Armani shoes and a bag from YSL

Angela, 27 - Soho
a spanish beauty, Angela now lives and works in NYC for Stella McCartney where she got her gorgeous blouse. equally fabulous are her shoes which were a lucky vintage find. tonight she had just got off work and was on her way to the bar. i say, yes please!

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