Happy pride!

yesteray was gay pride in new york and it was amazing. smiles all over this town (just when i stopped thinking smiling people even existed in new york)

Eric, 18 - West Village
he and his friend Nikola were just on their way home through the parade when i stopped them. Eric's a model for IMG and get's really creative when it comes to style. he made his hat himself and his shirt "got shredded at a party". awesomely cool.

Nikola, 28 - West Village
Voilà la copine d'Eric. this lady is a painter and wears jewelery her mom used to wear in the 60's. boots and glasses are vintage, the bag is from Balenciaga

Peder, 25 - West Village
this beautiful boy is visiting from sweden - the country of beautiful boys. he came to the parade with a warning. i like people who have a message. sunglasses are AM Eyewear.

Brendon, 27 - West Village
I knew Brendon and his great style from seeing him work at Beacon's closet, possibly the most famous vintage store in new york. his true calling is fashion design. his outfit is vintage since he gets awesome deals as a beacon's employee.

Cary, 30
This blondie had just got out of the subway and was on he way to the party and "soon to be topless". Cary's an actress and wears pants from Roxy, shoes from Vans and a top from a cheapie store on broadway.

Shi, 20 - West Village
I met her late at night when we were both our way home. Shi studies art and drew the flahes on her american apparel t-shirt herself. the jeans are cheap monday, the vest is H&M.

Oliver, 26 - Meat-packing district
Oliver was between parties (cheers!) and wears a fabulous outfit with an H&M shirt, Macy's pants and a hat from a touristy store around times square. (would you have guessed?) he works as a waiter and bartender at a sports club.

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