street fashion in manhattan

as some of you know glamcanyon at this point has been covering parties in berlin, paris and london and i'm expanding the conecpt by adding street fashion to the bunch. after all, there's a lot of glam to be seen and photographed in the streets of the stylish cities in this world.
a fabulous place to start is of course new york city where i just happen to be in this summer.
i had a stroll in different neighborhoods yesterday and here's what i found.

chris, 27
visiting from san francisco, he's a photographer and about to open a restaurant

edwin, 34 - lower east side
artist and educator, was just on his way to a party (like every other person in new york after 7 pm)

peggy - east village
this beauty sings in a band and was just on her way to a show she played. we didnt get to chat much since she had to rush but she did mention getting her overall off of ebay.

matthew, 21 - soho
PR intern, was just waiting on a friend. likes to combine dior and marc jacobs with designer lookalikes from H&M (shoes)

troy - meat-packing district
just came from work, though i forgot to ask why he needs all that luggage for his job. wears Hermes, Thom Browne, Lanvin

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  1. hum hum okay I like edwin too just cause he wears his jeans just the way I do. Go Edwin. (ok I stop now.... maybe!)
    cecile x