i had the most fabulous day!

yesterday was the first day after my last exam which felt more heavenly than a bathtub filled with candyfloss. i slept in, had breakfast, watched 2 episodes of project catwalk online, used my newly-gained inspiration to tailor one of my 'not-bad' dresses into an 'oh-my-god-where-did-you-get-that' dress, stepped out for a stroll around brick lane, found 2 pairs of amazing black vintage heels for 5 pounds each, enjoyed a nice glass of wine at home and eventually got dressed up to finish the day glamourously at ever so fab sing-a-long, ueberkaraoke night at the electricity showrooms. my interpretation of alanis morrisette's 'you oughta know' reminded me of my teens when i sang angry punk rock songs in a band with the hottest boys of Wolfen - that small town in east germany we all called home then. those were the days...or actually, these are the days.


just when you thought... do not like green and especially not on a tight mini-skirt that you thought had been forever banned to the 90's and died with them. and you could have sworn that you'd rather cut your wrists before you would ever wear a sun visor before the time you turn 80. and you most definately would have bet your firstborn on the fact that noone really could ever pull off a big golden bag. well, until you met this girl maybe.


some ideas on hats to wear this summer

i've always had love for hats. i have a whole collection of them. red hats, green hats, hats with feathers, hats with a net, stewardess hats, marine hats, 50's hats, 80's hats, you name it, i have it. to share some inspiration with you on original hats to wear this sumer that won't burn a big hole in your pocket here are some inspirations that are either vintage or "home-made".


friendly reminder

18 days ago started a feature with me, presenting a glamcanyon street style shot every day in connection with some matching goodies sold by young and brilliant artists on Dawanda. Only 12 more days to go so make sure you get your daily fix of this magical collaboration.
to see today, tomorrow and all 17 yesterdays click here


juicy lucy

it's actually juicy angela who is sporting a fruity twist on 70's summer wear


redhed on rivington

gorgeous, isn't he?! this is Petter from D1 models.


boots in july

the other day i met with models florian and tara below to shoot the fall/winter catalogue for a big clothing brand. although on these pictures both are wearing their own clothes you could still be tricked into believing that it's fall/winter here in london right now.


fancy feet dance down the street

meet Nazinna Douglas, 25, shoe designer extraordinaire. i ran into her on a sunday by Brick Lane where i took this picture for the nylon feature. she was absolutely lovely and asked me to come by her store sometime. after some research i found that this girl is easily one of the hottest shoe designers of the moment if u ask me. do check out her label alphaomega on myspace and see for yourself.

she actually made those stunner boots herself.


yesterday i went to an event by Nokia that featured a roller disco, live appearances from hot chip and simian mobile disco and free cocktails (and i'm not sure which of the three is my favorite). local yellow press celebs like pixie geldorf and alice dellal made the paparazzi run wild which was a fair enough deal as that left me with zero competition for the people who are actually cool. like those below. (sorry pixie, sorry alice.)

i don't usually hype a lot of artists but this guy is so fab that i can't help but blow his horn (no pun intended). check out his music and awesomeness on his myspace


ode to black tights

i think over the past couple of years or so a big hype has been going around in favor of colored tights. black, green, yellow, red are done and did if you ask me. it's going back to classic black, whether you like it or not. let's consider some of the upsides of black:
1) first and foremost they make you legs look skinny which is as good a reason as any
2) they go with absolutely everything
3) they come in very handy if you're planning on robbing a bank and need a mask. (or to strangle bloggers who make stupid jokes)



every summer everyone talks about flower dresses. they should be short, airy and, duh, have a floral print. now of course the girls in london do not want to miss out on that trend, however with the sometimes rather unpredictable temperatures here you're better off working this look with more than just flipflops and pink lipstick. here's two ladies who chose to warm their legs with tights/stockings and keep safe from rain with a leather jacket. very practical, very 70's and very cute.


show me more, show me more

3 deliscious ladies from the nylon feature who can all be stalked at Beyond Retro where they work.




and now a message from our sponsor

once upon a time there was a girl who owned a camera and went around and took photos of people everywhere she went. then one day she thought "hey! it would be fun to go to grad school!". So she signed up for an MSc in the most expensive town on the planet and became poorer and poorer. Luckily her wonderful friend Elizabeth back in hometown Berlin said - "hey! why don't your website and my website hook up? that way you get to buy vintage clothes and glamcanyon viewers get to shop all the accessoires they see on your blog and much much more!" The girl said "well, i don't want to be eaten up by the capitalist machine, but you had me at new clothes!"

and that's the story of glamcanyon now hosting an ad. by Dawanda. and because the folks at Dawanda know what's good they did a whole feature page on glamcanyon, which is here.
you should have a look, especially if you're arty yourself, dawanda is a free platform to sell your design and artwork.


show-off: my feature of london street fashion for Nylon Japan

for those who don't have immediate access to the Nylon Japan, i thought it might be nice if you could just check out the goods here. 4 lovely pages on lovely ladies from lovely london. a very special thank you to elaine and the gals at Beyond Retro, greatest vintage shop of all time, to take time for this.

the gypsies are coming to town

this gorgeous gal is mikyla who really has a killer instinct for what's hot when it comes to clothes. may i suggest that we pick up on the hint and go out to buy an attire that will make us look like glamourous city gypsies? A long skirt and a black shawl with flowers and fringes to wear on our head and around our shoulders - done.

Mikyla is also one of 30 pretty ladies i photographed for the august issue of japanese Nylon which is out now.


gothic angel

i've always had a thing for contradictions. i love the idea of an oscar gala serving mcdonalds or wearing your most expensive pair of heels out on a camping trip. consequently i was hit with utter delight to discover this lovely girl with her angelic face/hair/posture. but wait a minute - is that a tattoo on her foot and a gun around her neck? did she actually manage to spite the path society has laid out for girls who look like pageant queens? i mean, ok she does not exactly dress like a hardcore Coal Chamber fan, but still. a lovely marriage of heaven and hell.


cool without trying

now i don't know about you but i've always had a fascination for people who could wear anything from sweat pants to orange t-shirts and just make them work. they claim they just threw something on but it still oozes effortless fashion delight. like this girl. not an obvious one but on second impression - mad cool.