boots in july

the other day i met with models florian and tara below to shoot the fall/winter catalogue for a big clothing brand. although on these pictures both are wearing their own clothes you could still be tricked into believing that it's fall/winter here in london right now.


  1. haha! second is a boy with long hair :)

  2. ho my fav model , tara is always so beautiful.

  3. well helloho .. yeh sure im a boy ...
    hahahahah :)

  4. a week without internet and im OVERWHELMED with what ive missed on glamcanyon

    u kat the best <3

  5. if he was a girl he would be ugly and very boish girl so.. im glad he is actually a handsome guy. uf

    sorry that i put here smth like this but im just about to move to london and need to know.. heh

    where exactly should i live?! im starting uni in september- its camberwell uni of arts but i dont feel like being stabbed living just nearby camberwell green.. is shoreditch really that far away or i can cope with commuting and it wont be that bad..?
    thanx sorry again and nice blog (i check it prolly once a week ^^ ).x

  6. i wish i looked like him, or at least have the hair

  7. Bit late to comment, but just had to! That guy is HOTTT as hell! Damn! (I have a [very] weak spot for guys with long hair)