ode to black tights

i think over the past couple of years or so a big hype has been going around in favor of colored tights. black, green, yellow, red are done and did if you ask me. it's going back to classic black, whether you like it or not. let's consider some of the upsides of black:
1) first and foremost they make you legs look skinny which is as good a reason as any
2) they go with absolutely everything
3) they come in very handy if you're planning on robbing a bank and need a mask. (or to strangle bloggers who make stupid jokes)


  1. at times i feel it would be more true to myself to dip-dye my legs in a vat of black ink than reach for a razor. black stockings, yes please!

  2. agreed! the only thing is the weather here.. it makes wearing tights feel a bit mucky :x

  3. love the first photo, the pattern on the dress blinded my eyes.

  4. yes! they are always working!
    greetings from judy from

  5. I DONT LIKE Thick Black Tights at all ..marla