gothic angel

i've always had a thing for contradictions. i love the idea of an oscar gala serving mcdonalds or wearing your most expensive pair of heels out on a camping trip. consequently i was hit with utter delight to discover this lovely girl with her angelic face/hair/posture. but wait a minute - is that a tattoo on her foot and a gun around her neck? did she actually manage to spite the path society has laid out for girls who look like pageant queens? i mean, ok she does not exactly dress like a hardcore Coal Chamber fan, but still. a lovely marriage of heaven and hell.


  1. i love her tatoo on her foot, nice to see them worn with!!!

  2. i totally agree w what u said. there is so much more beauty in contradictions,ambiguity &
    imperfections then just going w e standard notions of beauty

  3. I completely agree. Juxtapositions are awesome. I love it when girls wear super feminine dresses with Doc Martens or high high heels with cutoff shorts and graphic tees.