and now a message from our sponsor

once upon a time there was a girl who owned a camera and went around and took photos of people everywhere she went. then one day she thought "hey! it would be fun to go to grad school!". So she signed up for an MSc in the most expensive town on the planet and became poorer and poorer. Luckily her wonderful friend Elizabeth back in hometown Berlin said - "hey! why don't your website and my website hook up? that way you get to buy vintage clothes and glamcanyon viewers get to shop all the accessoires they see on your blog and much much more!" The girl said "well, i don't want to be eaten up by the capitalist machine, but you had me at new clothes!"

and that's the story of glamcanyon now hosting an ad. by Dawanda. and because the folks at Dawanda know what's good they did a whole feature page on glamcanyon, which is here.
you should have a look, especially if you're arty yourself, dawanda is a free platform to sell your design and artwork.

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