30 Jun 2008

welcome to the jungle - we've got fun and games

last night's superfabulous ponystep felt a bit like a safari. befitting successor of legendary club night BOOMBOX this new monthly sunday night extravaganza features elegant gazelles cavorting the dancefloor, sexy lions roaming the bar and plenty if tourists showing off unique souvenirs. ROARRR

for more ponystepping go to knicken

28 Jun 2008

the girl you've always wanted on your team

well her and gwen stefani maybe

27 Jun 2008

hunting the huntress

if you are tired of animal print here is a smooth option: the hunter. equipped with a green dress and a checkered newsboy cap the wild ones in the city will have to watch out for you.

26 Jun 2008

wir sind die champions, ole!

i have to admit i only become a football fan every other year when germany plays in either the world cup or the european cup. so last night i was most exited to see germany triumph over turkey and making their way into the final! HOORAH! to celebrate my countrymen's success we went to sing our hearts out at sing-a-long, which was the usual fun and games. sorcha and adam below are not german but look hot so y'all get to check them out.

25 Jun 2008

the other day i travelled to the 80's and this is who i found

vivienne westwood shoes, a dress that's actually a skirt and a killer belt all worn beautifully by the lovely tiffany

23 Jun 2008


fur is a project that offers up and coming artists a platform to present their art. after functioning as a webbased format for a while, tonight they celebrated the launch of their magazine which is sort of like a gallery on paper. here's some launch party attendants.

19 Jun 2008

girl-wonder on kingsland road

now this girl's style is ticking all the boxes if you ask me. she manages to combine the classic chic of a trench and a black shirt and tights with the adventurous wit of a marine striped skirt accessorized by a fashionable ribbon on the side. all combined with an awe-inspiring hair-do and a sheepish smile.

15 Jun 2008

sartorialist types

i've got to say my probably favorite street fashion photographers are scott schuman from the sartorialist and his female eqivalent garance dore. i love them because their photos send me dreaming. amazing picture quality, lovely backgrounds and always gorgeous people with even better style. now part of their magic, as i'm sure they would admit themselves, is their equipment. all this time i've been using my basic lens which came with my canon but today i tried on a different one and look! soft light and friendy colours. a feel of hollywood at a busstop in dalston.

4 Jun 2008

is ignorant the new caring?

at the moment i'm at home pretending to write my thesis and prepare exams. i barely go out, telling everyone that i'm busy doing just that but what is the reality of it? i watch tv, surf the net, eat, take a nap, check my email for the 153rd time, watch tv - you get the idea. why is it so hard to maintain some level of discipline? can i really complain about the workload if i act like it doesn't exist? at least i'm not the only one. Bani here ignores all the rules that come with elephant purses and disney shirts and somehow pulls it off.

1 Jun 2008

like what happened?

last night's Collapsing New People was sickingly hip. it was so hip i could not wait to go to a bar with office folk in their mid-thirties to detox from the intense level of cool. do i not have it anymore? am i getting old? what took the fun out of crazy make-up creations on east london's party kids? is 26 (my age) the new 36? who's got answers?