welcome to the jungle - we've got fun and games

last night's superfabulous ponystep felt a bit like a safari. befitting successor of legendary club night BOOMBOX this new monthly sunday night extravaganza features elegant gazelles cavorting the dancefloor, sexy lions roaming the bar and plenty if tourists showing off unique souvenirs. ROARRR

for more ponystepping go to knicken


  1. gosh it's like a fashion show!! Would love experience the atmosphere but I'm not a club goer type.....and i'm too lazy to dress up.

  2. girly with the fur shoulders has it ALL in one ensemble. A++++++ to her

  3. Wow my friend Marawa is the girl in the black and white stripe t-shirt. She has been in London for a while now...I miss her here in Aus. I wish I was in London. I'm thinking about moving there when I finish Uni or back to live in Tokyo again. Maybe 6 months in each? Who knows but your blog rocks.