sartorialist types

i've got to say my probably favorite street fashion photographers are scott schuman from the sartorialist and his female eqivalent garance dore. i love them because their photos send me dreaming. amazing picture quality, lovely backgrounds and always gorgeous people with even better style. now part of their magic, as i'm sure they would admit themselves, is their equipment. all this time i've been using my basic lens which came with my canon but today i tried on a different one and look! soft light and friendy colours. a feel of hollywood at a busstop in dalston.


  1. oh my goodness! she's gorgeous and lovely

  2. I like sartorialist too, but don't change your style, your pics are fantastict just the way they are now! :)

  3. thanks anon, that may well apply to my nighttime shots, but my daytime stuff us still pretty pathetic most of the time. i'm no good at finding the right setting for daylight within 30 seconds. the right lens makes this superfluous.

  4. i like to use flash even for daytime snaps though

  5. Hey, like your blog, it's v engaging. The pic is amazing, i love it, it's like the perfect picture. Sounds fun over in London, I live in England, but in yorkshire haha. I need to escape to somewhere fashion conscious!
    Great blog, check out mine
    Oh i will add you to my blogroll

  6. Kat, what kind of lens do you have now?

  7. shes gorgeous!!!!

    but what i like about your pics is the strenght and sharpness (night shots) so maybe applying this in the daylight instead of going softer...would be better?
    i dunno, im not an expert in any way ;)

  8. beautiful..

    like your blog ms!

  9. Excellent bus-stop-fashion shot!!! love her legs!!

    Planning to get a canon but don't know which ones I should get, sick of using my digital campact camera.

  10. which lense did you use!

    by the way: gorgeous shot!