only because you can

to be honest, Only Jeans haven't really been on my radar as of yet, but today's launch of the new campaign has definitely put them on the map for me.

centre to the new campaign is a video with a great cinematic feel telling the story of an innocent small town girl who meets 3 cool and free-spirited girls whom she joins on a couple of adventures.

special gimmick about the film is that you can interact with it. you can stop the film at any stage to get a closer look at the clothing worn, help the lead actress zip up her jeans, decide whether she should steal the jeans, help them start the car when they're running away... i don't want to give away everything, best if you just watch the whole thing on

oh yes, for the coming 6 weeks, there will be daily draws of several winners who successfully "stole" a pair of jeans which will be sent to them.

if you're not interested in being interactive and winning free jeans, but would still like to see these really very nice 4 minutes of film, then you can watch the whole thing here:

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my latest video

models: coco & dan @ Izaio
make up: jana oheimb-rosta
music: i'm his girl - friends

just add color

the Chuck Taylor All Star - the shoe that has at one stage been worn by probably at least 50% of the world's population and which even i own (and that means something) is just one of those things that are timeless and which, even 95 years after its first introduction to the market, still is as popular as ever.

it's been an integral part of youth culture and the skater scene and has been lending itself as a canvas to countless markers, pens and scissors. in line with this creative connection Converse has launched a new campaign called "Just Add Color" where selected street artists from germany, switzerland and austria have been invited to get creative and get some color into german streets using techniques.

personal favorite are the confetti installations at alexanderplatz in berlin which reportedly resulted in a spontaneous confetti party between artists and passers by.

a lot of hours were poured into the revamping of town fences in cologne, munich and hamburg where various reputable street artists have sprayed, painted and stenciled in all colors and shapes. take a closer look should you happen to walk past one of those installations.

to see how it all came into being, check out the video.

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buenos aires: daniela and some fresh ravioli


filling in the blank at the absolut blank atelier in munich

when introducing a new product to the market, most brands will often stick to traditional methods such as throwing a big party and possibly running a couple of TV ads to reach as many people as possible. Absolut has consistently been proving itself to find new ways of promoting their brand, often bringing together creative minds and inviting them to come up with something completely new (i was lucky enough to be one of those creatives back in 2009 and again in 2010).

now, on the occasion of the launch of the new Absolut Blank bottle, designed by Mario Wagner, a 4-day pop up gallery called Absolut Blank Atelier was set up in Munich. international artists with backgrounds in fashion, music and other genres were invited to present an art project. the focus hereby was not on the finished piece but rather the process involved to create the artwork, the path that leads an artist from the metaphoric blank page to the final creation.

one of the projects presented was a collaboration between my streetstyle colleague Gunnar Hämmerle a.k.a the styleclicker and designer Ayzit Bostan. their only inspiration was the blank page. with both working in fashion, they ultimately came up with the idea of taking a roll of white cotton and shaping it onto a model, creating different styles, adding a dash of color or a cut here and there. the whole thing was filmed and presented as an installation at the atelier where the original roll of cloth was hung up as a canvas the film was projected on.

other artists sharing an inside look on how they create their art included dj and producer Jonas Imbery (gomma) in conjunction with art director Mirko Borsche, musicians Apparat & Nackt as well as Bompas & Parr.

more about the different events during the 4 days can be found here, here or here.

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berlin: the statement dress


battle of the hoods

every now and then i get emails from readers asking me about berlin's top hotspots. if you've been asking yourself the same question then this is for you.
in conjunction with Swatch the guys over at have followed (f)it girl, MTV hostess, DJane and overall wonder child Palina Rojinsky around her neighborhood of Kreuzberg, editing everything together in a short and funky video. that shows off where best to shop clothes, sip lattes, buy records and eat chicken.

if you like the video, give it your vote as it is part of a competition between a number of other cool international magazines like Dazed & Confused, Nylon, Kinki, Milk, WAD or i-D, each representing an intersting personality showing off their hood.

and you can win, too! you and 3 friends get to attend an exclusive party and private view at the winning publication's venue. runners up can win a series of watches from the new swatch collection.

to watch and vote for the video click here.

good luck!

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glamour, beauties, beasts

there's a lot of talk always about fashion. this is supposed to be a fashion blog, i'm a fashion blogger and so on. however, when it comes down to it i really don't think this blog is about fashion as much as style! style is a lot more independant of opinions than fashion is. it's not up to everyone else but only to you. what you consider "fashionable" is your style. period.

style is also what 8x4 are after in their current campaign. to be precise - they want YOUR style. 8x4 invites you to submit your style story in line with one of the three new Live Your Style deodorants Glam, Beauty and Beast.

let your creativity run free and assemble whatever you think style means to you. could be a piece of furniture, could be a food - you decide.

to take part, simply submit your style story on the 8x4 facebook page and win a chance to have your style story featured on TV by VIVA. you're also in for a chance to win one of several gift certificates in the value of up to €500 to spend at frontline shop.

good luck!

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