just add color

the Chuck Taylor All Star - the shoe that has at one stage been worn by probably at least 50% of the world's population and which even i own (and that means something) is just one of those things that are timeless and which, even 95 years after its first introduction to the market, still is as popular as ever.

it's been an integral part of youth culture and the skater scene and has been lending itself as a canvas to countless markers, pens and scissors. in line with this creative connection Converse has launched a new campaign called "Just Add Color" where selected street artists from germany, switzerland and austria have been invited to get creative and get some color into german streets using techniques.

personal favorite are the confetti installations at alexanderplatz in berlin which reportedly resulted in a spontaneous confetti party between artists and passers by.

a lot of hours were poured into the revamping of town fences in cologne, munich and hamburg where various reputable street artists have sprayed, painted and stenciled in all colors and shapes. take a closer look should you happen to walk past one of those installations.

to see how it all came into being, check out the video.

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