only because you can

to be honest, Only Jeans haven't really been on my radar as of yet, but today's launch of the new campaign has definitely put them on the map for me.

centre to the new campaign is a video with a great cinematic feel telling the story of an innocent small town girl who meets 3 cool and free-spirited girls whom she joins on a couple of adventures.

special gimmick about the film is that you can interact with it. you can stop the film at any stage to get a closer look at the clothing worn, help the lead actress zip up her jeans, decide whether she should steal the jeans, help them start the car when they're running away... i don't want to give away everything, best if you just watch the whole thing on

oh yes, for the coming 6 weeks, there will be daily draws of several winners who successfully "stole" a pair of jeans which will be sent to them.

if you're not interested in being interactive and winning free jeans, but would still like to see these really very nice 4 minutes of film, then you can watch the whole thing here:

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