smell this? - DIESEL DENIM

as you know, this blog is all about good-looking people. in real life, the look comes first and then comes.... personality? a sense of humor? intelligence? actually, before someone can open their mouth to prove all those things, you've already - usually subconsciously - noted their smell, consequently, smelling nice is important stuff.

so when DIESEL DENIM assigned me to introduce their new perfume for men and women, i figured it could be something to look smell into, this summer.

fresh, young and sexy are the adjectives that are being communicated with these scents. the ladies' version has floral elements such as lavender and jasmin but also fruitful goodness from mandarine and cassis. the guys' version is a luscious mix of berries, vanilla and grapefruit. all in all, the descritption of those pefumes makes me hungry - it really sounds deliscious.

the DIESEL DENIM campaign for those new scents was photographed by terry richardson, by the way. i like that the bottle looks like a vintage cowboy-style water bottle.

made you curious? also check out the campaign video


berlin: maxi skirt, mini jacket

this look is a personal favorite at the moment.


berlin: down to earth

a message from the office

i was recently asked to test and review a new gadget called Arctic Breeze, a little fan that is energized via the usb outlet of your laptop. now, i really have a thing for gadgets, so clearly i had to try out this one as well.

it's been lying around on my desk for weeks and i had alost forgotten about it until an hour ago, when i found myself sitting at my laptop, fanning air to my face with a folded piece of paper while typing with one hand. with 27°C in berlin today, the time had come to free my arctic breeze out of the wrapper and test drive it.

blends in nicely with the rest of my work space, don't you think?...

what i like about it (exept for the fresh air) is that it comes without any sort of cable or batteries, making it simple to bring it with you, anywhere. for me, as a travelette, i have spent countless hours writing at my laptop in the blistering heat of india, mexico or morocco. you bet, i would have liked to have a thing like that with me. the good news is, it's really cheap at only €7,95 (available in shops or here). summer can come.


eye candy

it's been a while since my last video. made this one at the end of a photoshoot.

thanks to our gorgeous model Indre @ M4 Models Berlin, fabulous stylist Philipp Humm and our lovely make-up artist Jana Oheimb-Rosta

to see a larger version of this video click here


berlin: popping colors

fun fact: she made the skirt herself from a bed sheet


the travelettes tumblr

for those who like my travel photos, my other project travelettes now have a tumblr with our photos (including some unpublished ones)


see if you like it and follow if you do.

glamcanyon has one too, btw.



berlin: mom with style

i live in the berliner neighborhood of prenzlauer berg, which is said to have the highest birth rate in all of europe. it's full of moms and dads, many of them young and fashionable, a lot like the woman in the picture. have a look at my post of a paris mom and compare with this one, i think they tell a lot about both cities.

happy belated mothers day to all the lovely moms out there!


berlin: extra small

one of my favorite pieces of clothing on girls are denim jackets from the kids section. the kind where the arms stop at the elbow. here's a boys' version of the same. i think it can be quite cute on the right guy.


the new Swarovski commercial

bling bling, my dears!

for a bit of magical feel and fairytale-like images, have a look at this new cinema-ad by Swarovski. i love a good video and this one is an enchanting cross between fashion video and cinematic big pictures. enjoy!

berlin: poster boy