smell this? - DIESEL DENIM

as you know, this blog is all about good-looking people. in real life, the look comes first and then comes.... personality? a sense of humor? intelligence? actually, before someone can open their mouth to prove all those things, you've already - usually subconsciously - noted their smell, consequently, smelling nice is important stuff.

so when DIESEL DENIM assigned me to introduce their new perfume for men and women, i figured it could be something to look smell into, this summer.

fresh, young and sexy are the adjectives that are being communicated with these scents. the ladies' version has floral elements such as lavender and jasmin but also fruitful goodness from mandarine and cassis. the guys' version is a luscious mix of berries, vanilla and grapefruit. all in all, the descritption of those pefumes makes me hungry - it really sounds deliscious.

the DIESEL DENIM campaign for those new scents was photographed by terry richardson, by the way. i like that the bottle looks like a vintage cowboy-style water bottle.

made you curious? also check out the campaign video