a message from the office

i was recently asked to test and review a new gadget called Arctic Breeze, a little fan that is energized via the usb outlet of your laptop. now, i really have a thing for gadgets, so clearly i had to try out this one as well.

it's been lying around on my desk for weeks and i had alost forgotten about it until an hour ago, when i found myself sitting at my laptop, fanning air to my face with a folded piece of paper while typing with one hand. with 27°C in berlin today, the time had come to free my arctic breeze out of the wrapper and test drive it.

blends in nicely with the rest of my work space, don't you think?...

what i like about it (exept for the fresh air) is that it comes without any sort of cable or batteries, making it simple to bring it with you, anywhere. for me, as a travelette, i have spent countless hours writing at my laptop in the blistering heat of india, mexico or morocco. you bet, i would have liked to have a thing like that with me. the good news is, it's really cheap at only €7,95 (available in shops or here). summer can come.

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