my travel tales, your city, our STA info evening

as you know, a year ago i launched an online magazine called from and for girls who are interested in traveling. naturally, i have done my fair bit of traveling, including a 1-year trip around the world, trips to india, marocco, the united states, brazil, argentina, bali, australia,. and many other wonderful countries.

my favorite travel agency in the world STA TRAVEL (who specialize in youth and student travel) have invited me to be a referee at some of their info evenings in 4 cities in Germany where I will show some of my photos of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and tell a few stories from my time spent there.

If you care to attend those evenings you just need to call the STA office in the following cities and ask if there is still space available.

27.09. Bochum - STA Travel Shop Universitätsstraße 150
28.09. Köln - Uni-Hauptgebäude Hörsaal V, Albertus-Magnus-Platz
29.09. Aachen - STA Travel Shop, Markt 22
30.09. Bonn - STA Travel Shop, Kaiserstraße 22

Below are just 3 of the images i'm going to tell stories to, so if you've been thinking about traveling to Thailand, or South East Asia in general but have some questions, please tag along.


berlin: my window at galeries lafayette

today i got to decorate a shop window at berlin's galeries lafayette and in 5 hours i mounted all those framed photos and dressed the curator of my gallery scene who is cleaning the window. why is she cleaning? that will remain the secret of the artist ...

the photos displayed are from people i shot in berlin, london, paris and new york.
the window will be up for 2 weeks from today.


berlin: tartan

note to all berliners:
tomorrow, monday 20th, les mads and myself will each decorate a shop window at galeries lafayette (on französische straße, corner of friedrichstr.) from 10am until about 1 or 2 pm and can be seen live for those interested.

our window decoration will be there for 2 weeks.


berlin: la mode c'est vous

this girl has got style, obviously. if you too have style and live in berlin, i suggest you sign up to be a part of du bist die mode, an event organised by the galeries lafayette in which 200 stylish berliners of all sorts and ages can take part. you'll be styled by celebrity hair stylist udo walz and his team, there will be goody bags and lots of people who will have come to be inspired by you.
a street fashion show, so to speak.

and the best part: while the french counterpart of galeries lafayette in paris will hold the same event on the same day the whole thing will go into the guiness book of world records as the largest fashion show of all time!
imagine if you could be one of those lucky 200? so hurry to the online casting and sign up, or just vote for your favorite looks.
the show will be on thursday, september 30th from 6pm.


berlin: orange hair


another video i made. from my road trip usa series.

austin from katja hentschel on Vimeo.


berlin: animal instincts


a few months ago, i was invited over to amsterdam by premsela to give a presentation on the subject of professional amateurism, talking about me and my blogs glamcanyon and travelettes.
the interview i gave before the actual presentation has now been released on a video which is a pretty complete wrap-up of my position towards blogging and how it has turned photography into a career for me.

if you're interested, check it out here

the interview was shot and directed by Erik Urlings


miami: girls girls girls editorial

during my trip to miami a couple of months ago i shot this editorial which i havent come around to posting. until now.


photographer: katja hentschel
models: jaclyn @ ford and sheila @ wilhelmina
styling: sarah attias
special thanks to the dorchester hotel in miami

berlin: vitali


a night out in new york city

during my trip through the united states back in may i did a little video diary-like recording every here and there and out came a mini-series of videos i edited for my other blog travelettes. can you spot the bloggers in this video of a wild night out in nyc?

one night out in new york city from katja hentschel on Vimeo.