a few months ago, i was invited over to amsterdam by premsela to give a presentation on the subject of professional amateurism, talking about me and my blogs glamcanyon and travelettes.
the interview i gave before the actual presentation has now been released on a video which is a pretty complete wrap-up of my position towards blogging and how it has turned photography into a career for me.

if you're interested, check it out here

the interview was shot and directed by Erik Urlings


  1. Awesome video, now I wish I would have been at that presentation.
    It's very interesting to hear you talk about your motivation and what you get out of it mainly because a) you're blog is gorgeous and b) I just took up blogging myself and find this video to be a good justification as to why I might have done that.
    You rock.


  2. this is my first time commenting on your blog, eventhough i've been reading it almost from the beginning, and i must say that you really are one of the best! cheers!


  3. Dear Katja (I know, very unusual way to start a comment on a blog :)!),
    I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy looking at both of your blogs (the travel blog literally kills me! It inspires me to travel more and to travel to other countries and really get to know the country (not just a tourist vacation at a nice beach in Spain)). I however thought that you were maybe..a little arrogant, but this videao completly changed my mind: you seem like such a lovely person that truly loves what she is doing (you are really passionate about photography!!) and now i feel so bad for judging you wrong in the past!
    Keep writing your blogs and thank you, thank you, thank you for not only sharing your pictures, but also your tips (travel tips etc) with us :)

  4. Die Bilder und die Selbstvorstellung sind genial. Die Fotografien sprechen sicher jeden an. Die Menschen so in ihrer Unbefangenheit abzulichten, ist sicherlich eine Kunst! Sie kann es. Beruflich wünsche ich ihr die notwendige Anerkennung und natürlich reichlich Aufträge!!!!