my travel tales, your city, our STA info evening

as you know, a year ago i launched an online magazine called from and for girls who are interested in traveling. naturally, i have done my fair bit of traveling, including a 1-year trip around the world, trips to india, marocco, the united states, brazil, argentina, bali, australia,. and many other wonderful countries.

my favorite travel agency in the world STA TRAVEL (who specialize in youth and student travel) have invited me to be a referee at some of their info evenings in 4 cities in Germany where I will show some of my photos of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and tell a few stories from my time spent there.

If you care to attend those evenings you just need to call the STA office in the following cities and ask if there is still space available.

27.09. Bochum - STA Travel Shop Universitätsstraße 150
28.09. Köln - Uni-Hauptgebäude Hörsaal V, Albertus-Magnus-Platz
29.09. Aachen - STA Travel Shop, Markt 22
30.09. Bonn - STA Travel Shop, Kaiserstraße 22

Below are just 3 of the images i'm going to tell stories to, so if you've been thinking about traveling to Thailand, or South East Asia in general but have some questions, please tag along.